Goal of protests is to ensure coming to power of forces loyal to Russia, opinions

Through the agency of protests and destabilizing actions, the Shor Party aims to increase the people’s dissatisfaction with the government and to cause snap parliamentary elections. The final goal of these actions is to ensure the replacement of the pro-European government with pro-Russian forces loyal to the Kremlin, said Moldovan political commentators after several thousand protesters on Thursday blocked the main arteries of Chisinau, demanding that the government fully pays the bills for the winter months. According to the experts, the protest organizers aim to increase tensions by actions inciting violence, IPN reports.

Political commentator Ion Tăbârță said the goal of the Shor Party is to destabilize the situation in the country, to cause chaos on the arteries of Chisinau on workdays and to this way fuel tensions in society.

“This is a new tactic of the Shor Party packed in this Movement for People for disrupting public order and things in the municipality of Chisinau and in the country. They want to increase tensions in society, dissatisfaction with the government. The major goal, the final goal of the Shor Party is to cause the elimination of the current ruling party, to provoke snap elections and to ensure the coming of forces loyal to the Russian Federation to power in the Republic of Moldova. This is not a new scenario as it has been applied at least since last autumn,” Ion Tăbârță stated in the program “Good Evening” on the public TV channel.

Writer Mircea V. Ciobanu said the paid protests mounted by the Shor Party accentuate an inequity between the people who come to protest for money and those who work for much smaller sums. The protesters’ demand to the government to fully pay the bills is unrealistic and populist.

“Most of those who take part in the protest can be called day workers as they provide a service for money. Those who are behind them are mercenaries engaged in a concrete war. Those who exceed the limits of participation in a protest should be penalized. The big crime is that sacks of money circulate in the state and that in a normal state would be extraordinary diversion against the economy, against the financial system. This is undeclared money whose origin is uncertain and that is not taxed. How do the business entities from villages act as they cannot hire locals now because these go elsewhere and are paid twice more for doing nothing?” noted Mircea V. Ciobanu.

IPRE expert Mihai Mogîldea said the transfer of protests from Sundays to weekdays is aimed at causing chaos in Chisinau and at making the representatives of the government to take attitude.

“The staging of these actions during workdays is designed to give the impression that the protests are permanent and to also try and incite violence. On the one hand, there are people who are paid several hundred lei to come to protest. On the other hand, there are people who express their dissatisfaction with this corruption witnessed in central Chisinau. People paid by the Shor Party, through the agency of diversionists, will be engaged in actions to incite violence. At the same time, deputies and ministers protest on weekdays and they have who to protest against, theoretically speaking. They aim to attract MPs, ministers into this circuit so as to provoke them to make less prudent statements. The goal is to connect these paid protests to the government agenda,” said the expert of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE).

According to representatives of the Shor Party, the Movement for People’s initiative to persuade the government pay the population’s bills for the winter months was signed by about 800,000 persons.

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