Gholamali Mohammadifard: Government and opposition are parents of society and they should cooperate

“The government tried to communicate. But every time when they tried to say something, they worsened the situation further and they are definitely afraid to communicate already,” psychologist Gholamali Mohammadifard, Doctor of Political Science, stated in IPN’s public debate “Energy crisis as seen by government, opposition and society. Why does each of the parties behave as they do?”

He noted that the energy crisis is a general one that hit not only Moldova. This crisis intersects the pandemic, migration and other challenges that occur in parallel. “But the crisis is the best opportunity for leaving divergences aside and looking together for the solution. We must learn to communicate... But we showed again political immaturity. The relationship between the government and the opposition is not functional. Why? Because we do not know, do not learn and do not have the necessary consultants,” stated the expert.

Speaking about the quality of the national political class, the expert said a lot of greenhorns become involved in politics at a time when the Republic of Moldova has so many specialists who can handle things.

In another development, Gholamali Mohammadifard said the government and the opposition are unable to cooperate. “The relationship is essential, primarily between the opposition and the government. They are like the mother and the farther for a child. The government and the opposition are the parents of society. Each of them plays its own role and the position adopted at present does not matter as it is changing. The government and the opposition are a couple and we should not turn it into a conflicting couple”.

“I can say that I see political infantilism - infantilism from the viewpoint of the job they do. If they cannot review the approaches, they should leave as others left... The developments are very serious as they run counter to any political norm and morals. It is as if you threaten and press the parents when their child is in hospital. I do not see anything good in this situation,” said the expert, referring to the dangers coming from outside.

The public debate titled “Energy crisis as seen by government, opposition and society. Why does each of the parties behave as they do?” was the 222nd installment of the series “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates”. The project is implemented by IPN with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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