Fiodor Ghelici on the natural gas at 10 lei/m3

Fiodor Ghelici believes that it is the people’s right to choose where to buy gas from and expresses his bewilderment as to why the authorities were alerted when Nordgaz announced that it had signed a contract with a Turkish company for the supply of natural gas at 10 lei per cubic meter.

Fiodor Ghelici presents himself as ambassador and resident representative of IOED in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, head of the Regional Headquarters in the Republic of Moldova for Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. He is also an official representative of IOED at the UN in Geneva, a representative of the International Congress for the Defense of Citizens’ Rights and Freedoms, as well as a representative of the International Union of Diplomats in the Republic of Moldova.

Fiodor Ghelici criticized the energy minister’s statement that the contract between Nordgaz and the Turkish company is a lie. He wonders how gas became cheaper from 30 to 18 lei, and for next year, an election year, the reduction to 12 lei for a cubic meter was announced. “Why hasn't it shrunk now, in the winter, when the demands are higher?”

He referred to Gagauzia, saying that the leadership of the autonomous region is quite receptive and recommended the central leadership of the Republic of Moldova to change its aggressive rhetoric towards Gagauzia, because people choose who they want to elect.

According to Ghelici, Moldova will lose the good image it has outside the country, including because of the energy minister. If the rhetoric of the authorities does not change, investors will not come to Moldova. He also noted that “corruption is the main stone that prevents the development of the economy”.

Fiodor Ghelici mentioned that he does not see any initiatives to develop the economy of Moldova, but money is only requested from outside the country, from the development partners. “It happens because only incompetent people end up in leadership”, declared Fiodor Ghelici.

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