Experts: Russia will not halt gas as it would create humanitarian crisis in Transnistria

Even if the Republic of Moldova didn’t honor its contractual obligations to audit the debts owed by Moldovagaz until May 1, Gazprom will not risk halting the supply of natural gas, consider energy and economic experts. According to them, Russia can maintain the separatist regime in Tiraspol functional only by supplying this with natural gas delivered through Moldovagaz. At the same time, the experts believe the Republic of Moldova should store natural gas as the Kremlin’s policy is fully unpredictable now, IPN reports.

Under the protocol signed with Gazprom, the Republic of Moldova undertook to conduct an audit of the debts of Moldovagaz by May 1 and to later agree a schedule for repaying these debts. Even if the war in Ukraine thwarted the commitments made to Gazprom, the Russian company didn’t stop the supply of gas.

“Even if Gazprom tomorrow will disconnect us from the supply of gas, consumption in summer is low and there is enough gas on the market. Gazprom would be now unable to cause problems to us as we would go and purchase gas from the European market at the same price. The second reason is related to the Transnistrian region. Gazprom cannot supply gas to the left side of the Nistru for maintaining financing for this separatist regime without having contract with Moldovagaz. If they disconnect us from the supply of gas, Moscow will face a humanitarian catastrophe on the left side of the Nistru,” energy expert Sergiu Tofilat stated in the program “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

The Republic of Moldova should urgently store natural gas as the war in Ukraine can influence Moscow’s policy concerning gas supplies, said experts.

“Romanian received funds from the European Union for increasing its storage capacities by 1 billion cubic meters of gas. This is exactly the amount consumed by the Republic of Moldova. Ukraine has large storage caoacities. Of the 32 billion cubic meters, 17 billion cubic meters are free. But storing in Ukraine is risky now. Romania is the best solution for us,” said economic expert Veaceslav Ioniță.

Presidential adviser Veaceslav Negruța reminded that the Republic of Moldova was included in the EU’s common energy purchase platform.

”The law on the natural gas is being amended so that it allows for the creation of natural gas reserves. It’s true that this is now enough. Financing is necessary for purchasing these reserves. The European Union is willing to join the Republic of Moldova to the centralized purchase formula, alongside the European countries. The political signal was given. It was announced that the Republic of Moldova is part of this formula. The mechanism is to be worked out and we will be informed. We should prepare the sledge in summer,” stated Veaceslav Negruță.

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