Experts: Government should abandon electoral rhetoric and should deliver results

The President of the Republic of Moldova enjoys unprecedented external support, but the Government does not manage to meet the expectations of the citizens, said expert of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” Veaceslav Ioniță. According to him, the Executive’s actions affect the image of the President. Political commentator Ion Tăbârță said the government team should abandon the electoral rhetoric and should deliver results for the citizens, IPN reports.

Under the 2023 state budget law, the grants provided by Moldova’s foreign partners will total over 5.5 billion lei. Economic expert Veaceslav Ioniță said the money was provided to the citizens owing to the impeccable image President Maia Sandu has at foreign level. The Government does not yet yield results that would match the effort made by the President.

“If we look at the foreign financial support, all the grant and loan entries are closely tied to the trips made by the President. We see unprecedented political support for the President because the MPs and the Government were anonymous, with all due respect. The support comes rather to help overcome the energy crisis, but the Government didn’t meet the expectations. The President is the engine, while the car remained behind the engine. The President’s efforts produced results, while the Government didn’t deliver anything. I think there is sabotage inside the ministries, not at the level of ministers, but lower. Many people think that they should better not do anything than do something and get a bad result later. The Government spoils the President’s image,” Veaceslav Ioniță stated in the program “In Depth” on ProTV channel.

For his part, political commentator Ion Tăbârță said the year 2022 was marked by the less prodigious work of the Cabinet. The government should attract professionals into the team and should ignore the political affiliation of these.

“The current Government could do more. Yes, we have objective external causes, but we also saw problems in governance. The government should realize that they need to abandon the electoral rhetoric they had in 2021. Despite the difficult conditions, it’s time to deliver results for the citizens. The PAS from the very beginning narrowed the staff potential. They used their own team only, but this team is inexperienced. I think they could have coopted persons from the PPPDA. The PAS involved experts from civil society, but being a good expert does not mean being a good minister or state functionary,” noted Ion Tăbârță.

The Government led by Natalia Gavrilița was invested on August 6, 2021 by the votes of the PAS MPs. Vlad Kulminski was the first to leave the government team by vacating the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration. Later, Viorel Gherciu resigned as Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Iuliana Cantaragiu – as Minister of Environment, Sergiu Gaibu – as Minister of Economy, while Marcel Spatari – as Minister of Labor and Social Protection.

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