Ex-MP Valeriu Munteanu launches volume on Moldovan constitutionalism

The former lawmaker and minister Valeriu Munteanu launched a volume called “On the ramparts of constitutionalism in the Republic of Moldova”, a collection of decisions and rulings by the Constitutional Court, in memory of constitutional judge and scholar Victor Popa.

Iulian Rusanovschi, doctor of law, stated that this book can be of use for lawyers and constitutional judges alike. He added that the book shows not only the author’s ability to capture the information and experience of Victor Popa, but also the quintessence of constitutionalism that was conveyed by Victor Popa to Valeriu Munteanu.

Constitutional Judge Serghei Țurcan stated that the volume is historically important as it shows the evolution of the Constitutional Court’s caselaw in a politically tense period, in which the role of the CC is particularly highlighted. It also has a doctrinal and scientific value, he added. “The author himself mentions in the book that it is a result of the work together with Victor Popa, one of the most important constitutionalists in the history of the Republic of Moldova”.

Valeriu Munteanu said that in his capacity as a lawmaker he drafted more than 40 petitions to the Constitutional Court, 30 of which were accepted, and more than 20 of these decisions had a positive outcome. “Some say that certain decisions of the Court based on the petitions I drafted between 2012 and 2015 have revolutionized the constitutional landscape in the Republic of Moldova. I would especially mention here the decision of the Constitutional Court no. 36 of December 5, 2013 regarding the constitutionalization of the Romanian language, a decision of the Constitutional Court by which the Romanian language was included in the Constitution. I also present in this book the details of the adoption of this decision”, said Munteanu.

The author also highlighted the decision of the Constitutional Court no. 9 of February 14, 2014 by which it was established that “the constitutionality control of the laws approved by the Parliament can be carried out both after and before publication in the Official Gazette, the well-known a priori control of the laws”. “Before the petition to the Constitutional Court, this was not possible. When we succeeded in doing this together with the Constitutional Court, we stopped a big rollercoaster of legislators who tried every time to undermine the Constitution”, the author noted.

Valeriu Munteanu also mentioned that the volume is in memory of Victor Popa, who would have turned 75 these days. He is one of the greatest constitutionalists in the Republic of Moldova and his constitutional law mentor, the man who showed him the “way to the Constitutional Court”.

A number of copies were donated to the International Free University of Moldova, the host of the event. “It is a beautiful tradition not only of the Faculty of Law, but also of the entire university that every time it makes available not only the spaces, but also the openness to all initiatives to publish beautiful things, to offer not only the material basis, but also spiritual, our love and respect for all those who sacrifice themselves to contribute to increasing the scientific potential in general and to making a very substantial contribution to everything called the legal book”, said the vice-chancellor of the university, Alexandr Cauia, stating that the author Valeriu Munteanu put down on paper very useful things for students and a well-systematized knowledge base in the field of legal education from all over Romania.

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