European Political Community Summit: responsibilities and opportunities for political class. IPN debate

The fact that the second European Political Community Summit will take place in the Republic of Moldova is a clear signal of support from Europe. Nevertheless, the benefits that the Republic of Moldova can enjoy as a result of this major event depend on the way in which the authorities get ready for it and, more exactly, on the subjects that will be included in the agenda. Such statements were made by the participants in IPN’s public debate “European Political Community Summit: responsibilities and opportunities for political class”.

The MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) Alina Dandara said the summit is a common effort of solidarity of Europe for the Republic of Moldova, for Ukraine and for peace. “It is not only a symbolic, but also a historic event. I see this community as an instrument designed to increase the speed at which we move to ensure these peace and security instruments and instruments for advancing on the European path,” she stated, noting that issues related to energy security at European level and Moldovan citizens’ aspirations will also be discussed at the summit.

“Given that we have a hybrid war in the Republic of Moldova, the EU expressed its readiness to help us in this regard. It goes to the declaring of a clear European integration commitment by the government and the citizens for ensuring prosperity and wellbeing. The government undertook to fulfill this commitment until 2030. I think there will also be discussed the Republic of Moldova’s capacity to initiate accession negotiations given that we have a reporting time limit, June, and the European Council in October is to come with an opinion about the accession negotiations. The agenda will surely include demands formulated by the citizens, such as the free market, transport ways for carriers and citizen, solidarity corridors, cultural exchanges and others,” she stated.

The deputy chairman of the European Social Democratic Party Eremei Prisyazhnyuk said the great powers of Europe come to Chisinau to show their solidarity with the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia. “This forum is an expression of solidarity on the part of the European community for the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine, which points to confidence in our future. At the same time, the essence of this event represents the supporting of the Republic of Moldova on the path to the EU. This event will bring much more medium- and long-term advantages for the country’s development,” he stated.

Eremei Prisyazhnyuk also said that the European leaders want to transmit a clear message to the Republic of Moldova - that any result can be achieved if civil society, the political class and all the citizens mobilize around a national idea. “At declarative level, we have the same idea – that the European development is the only direction and this fact was confirmed by vote in the last elections. Speaking about the summit, I can say that it is an event to which high-ranking European leaders will come to support us. This is a unique chance for our country to unite around this idea and to adopt a common position. It is a clear message by the European leaders – that we must be united inside,” he noted.

Secretary general of the Coalition for Unity and Wellbeing Igor Klipii said the Republic of Moldova should attentively analyze the goals pursued by the French side through this project and what the Republic of Moldova’s place is in this context. “I don’t think there will be adopted any joint statement as there is no common goal, while countries’ interests are differing. This communication platform is the emanation of the foreign policy of France, which is not always approved of inside the EU. Things are rather nuanced. This summit wasn’t created for the Republic of Moldova and reflects the political view of France. To my mind, it would have been useful to stage such an important meeting in a smaller format. The convocation of 50 heads of state to Chisinau is an effort,” stated Igor Klipii.

However, he believes that the summit can be a very important event and its success depends on the priorities that will be set by the Moldovan authorities. “The government has the occasion of proposing an agenda for this meeting and it is the perfect place to engage the Republic of Moldova in a large-scale project, like the entry into NATO. When so many heads of state are convoked in the Republic of Moldova, one has the occasion of launching a large-scale project. The success of this summit depends on the concrete agenda planned by the Republic of Moldova,” noted Igor Klipii.

The public debate entitled “European Political Community Summit: responsibilities and opportunities for political class” was the first installment of IPN’s project “Support for European Integration by stimulating discussion in the mass media about the organization of the European Political Community (EPC) Summit in Moldova” that is supported by Soros Foundation Moldova.

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