Eremei Prisyazhnyuk: EPC is a good platform for transition from Eastern Partnership to EU enlargement project

The European Political Community is not an alternative to the European Union, but is a space for discussions in a broader format that can serve as a catalyst, including for the European integration process in the Republic of Moldova. The fact that the second EPC Summit will take place in Moldova is a powerful signal of support from Europe, deputy chairman of the European Social Democratic Party Eremei Prisyazhnyuk stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.

“The European Political Community is a catalyst for our European integration process, a very good platform for the transition from the Eastern Partnership to the European Union enlargement project. The Republic of Moldova is an EU candidate states, alongside Ukraine. We must realize a very important thing – that the leaders of the EU member states that represent the big European political family combined forces to help and make common cause with the Republic of Moldova, for the citizens’ benefit,” stated Eremei Prisyazhnyuk.

He noted that the EPC Summit that will be hosted by Moldova is also a good occasion for taking decisions to increase regional security and not only. “When we speak about the European values, we must also transpose the method of strengthening our capacities and efforts. This event will create opportunities for interacting with the European leaders. The time is probably opportune for reconciling the Republic of Moldova. We have the obligation to be equal in rights. What will be discussed in this event will be later transposed to reality. Among the most important aspects are security, the faced challenges, cybersecurity, energy security and our development. These subjects should be discussed thoroughly,” stated the deputy chairman of the European Social Democratic Party.

According to him, Moldova should make a colossal effort to fulfill the conditions put forward by the EU so as to take the next step. “Huge effort needs to be made to meet those conditions. The quality of these reforms should also be taken into account. We have the justice sector where we need to be very attentive. We must admit that the EU candidate status was granted to the Republic of Moldova primarily due to the regional context. That’s why we must be very attentive. We cannot follow this path alone. All the citizens should join in. In this regard, the assistance that comes from Romania is very important. During all the difficult periods for the Republic of Moldova, Romania has stood by us,” noted Eremei Prisyazhnyuk.

As to the contribution that each citizen can make to support the common goal, he said that during these two days “we will be the ambassadors of our country and it is our duty to show what we have best. It is a possibility and a special occasion for showing who we are, to show our benevolence and openness. We are being helped to keep pace with the whole European civilization. We must fully take this opportunity.”

The public debate entitled “European Political Community Summit: responsibilities and opportunities for political class” was the first installment of IPN’s project “Support for European Integration by stimulating discussion in the mass media about the organization of the European Political Community (EPC) Summit in Moldova” that is supported by Soros Foundation Moldova.

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