EPC Summit – signals for Moldova’s reintegration and integration into EU. IPN debate

Even if Moldova’s security wasn’t directly discussed at the European Political Community Summit held in Bulboaca, messages related to security, about the way in which the security system is reconfigured at regional level and especially in Eastern Europe, were transmitted at the event. This way, the security of the Republic of Moldova, the country’s reintegration and its integration into the EU will be influenced by the decisions that will be taken to restore peace on the European continent. The opinions were stated in a public debate entitled “European Political Community Summit – signals for reintegration of the Republic of Moldova and its integration into the EU” that was hosted by IPN News Agency.

“In the discussions held in the context of the EPC Summit, I often heard references to conflicts, to the way in which regional security needs to be protected. The way in which messages were transmitted to the Russian Federation, about the EU’s solidarity and unity in the face of these threats and weaknesses, mattered a lot. I heard messages about the necessity of providing expertise, about the way in which we must protect ourselves from disinformation and media propaganda and messages about the protection of citizens, about resilience to the events that take place. So, it was a summit with political messages. I think we already passed a test as the citizens from the left side of the Nistru know about the benefits of joining the European Union,” stated Cristina Lesnic, former deputy premier for reintegration.

Another ex-deputy premier for reintegration of Moldova Alexandru Flenchea, director of the Association “Initiative for Peace”, said that an important message was transmitted to Moscow, namely that by the decision to organize the second EPC Summit in the Republic of Moldova, it was delivered the signal that Europe considers the Republic of Moldova is a part of the European community even if it is not a member of the EU at the moment.

“We should not forget that at least for a day, the Republic of Moldova, as the host of all the European leaders, effectively became part of the Euro-Atlantic defense and security space as   we had NATO planes that supervised the airspace of the Republic of Moldova. Surely, there are things we don’t know, cannot know and will not know, but there were definitely plans and protocols of response measures in case of security risks and incidents. So, on that day the Republic of Moldova was actually protected by the Euro-Atlantic community, by the EU and NATO, as a part of these communities. So, this is a precedent. The day passed without security incidents, but I think that there were many new and useful experiences and I think that lessons were learned in this regard, both by our intelligence services and by our partners,” stated Alexandru Flenchea.

The debate entitled “European Political Community Summit – signals for reintegration of the Republic of Moldova and its integration into the EU” was staged by IPN News Agency in the framework of the project “Support for European Integration by stimulating discussion in the mass media about the European Political Community (EPC) Summit” that is supported by Soros Foundation Moldova.

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