EBCS stages march in support of traditional family

Children, parents and grandparents on June 19 took part in an electoral event – a march dedicated to the traditional family that was mounted by the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists (EBCS). The event involved representatives of the Church, IPN reports.

Socialist MP Alexandr Odintsov said the family is an alliance between a woman and a man in which children are born. It is important to keep the traditional values. In the modern world, the fight for women’s rights is no longer reduced to the right to vote or to have an opinion. Now the woman became a powerful human being who fights as part of the army, manages and turned more brutal. The model of the man also changed and this lost the quality of protector. The struggle for the rights of sexual minorities is now different and some of the countries accept same-sex marriages.

Victor Poleacov, candidate on behalf of the EBCS, came to the event with his wife. He noted that the family is the most important social institution by which the spiritual, cultural and social values are transmitted from generation to generation. “Regrettably, there are serious threats to the institution of the family. There is an anti-family ideology created and developed artificially, including through international organizations that promote foreign values in our country. This ideology is aimed at depriving the mother and the father of the natural roles in the family, of the right to determine the education of their children,” stated Victor Poleacov.

The representative of the Church said God created the man and the woman and told them to breed. Where there is mother, father and children, there is holy love that is above everything in this world.

The event forms part of the Family Week that was launched by the EBCS. On this occasion, marches in support of the traditional family and festivals for children with awards, contests and concerts are staged in Chisinau and in district centers.

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