Dinu Plîngău: PPDA will urge people to support referendum, but risk of eventual failure cannot be excluded

The European integration process must not be politicized and associated with a single political party, said the chairman of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPDA) Dinu Plîngău. According to him, the European integration and the war in Ukraine must be subjects that unite society. Even if half of those who will go to the polls support the country’s European course, this will not be enough to end the dissensions in society on the subject of European integration, IPN reports.

The politician noted that through the consultations started by Maia Sandu, the head of state only informs society and the political class post-factum about a taken decision. The government seeks to monopolize the subject of European integration, thus politicizing it and turning it into a party subject.

There were no consultations. It was informing about a decision that had already been taken and assumed. It seems much fairer to me when consultations are carried out before a decision is taken. This increases the accountability of those who participate in consultations. The European integration process must not be a politicized, party issue. It must become a national issue. Any attempt to turn a referendum or the European integration process into a political message damages the European course, just as the Alliance for European Integration damaged the European integration course, although they also did some good things. But the politicization of this process associated the European Union with the less pleasant things done by some of the AEI politicians,” Dinu Plîngău stated in the program “Nonconfidential” on Radio Chisinau station.

The politician said that if the Constitutional Court allows holding a referendum simultaneously with the presidential election, PPDA will urge people to support the country’s European course. The risk of a possible failure in the referendum cannot be ruled out.

“The European integration and the war in Ukraine must be topics that unite society. When attempts are made to bias one subject and others have to participate as sidekicks, this does not create benefits for the state. If the Constitutional Court says that holding the referendum concurrently with the presidential election is ok, we have no choice but to urge all citizens with European aspirations to massively support this referendum. A failure in the referendum means, inclusively, a questionable majority. If 53% of those who come to the referendum are pro, this is insufficient,” stated the chairman of the Dignity and Truth Platform.

In December 2023, President Maia Sandu announced the organization of a referendum on Moldova’s accession to the European Union. According to government representatives, the referendum will be a constitutional one so that the phrase “European integration” could be enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.

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