Current temperatures favor planting of saplings

The positive temperatures of over 8 degrees Celsius are appropriate for planting saplings. For the trees to produce roots, they should be planted correctly. Specialists recommend buying trees in specialized shops, authorized markets and directly from nurseries.

Contacted by IPN, Ananie Pesteanu, lecturer at the Fruit Growing Department of the State Agrarian University of Moldova, said it is important to study the radicular system of the trees.  The roots of saplings mustn’t be dry. “If the tree is dehydrated, if should be kept in water for 24 hours. If the roots are broken or split, they should be cut. The trunk must also be healthy and without injuries,” he stated.

The trees must be planted shortly after bought at the depth at which they grew in the nursery. The land where the saplings are planted must be cleaned, leveled and fertilized. The depth of the hole must be about 60 centimeters and the tree must be in its middle. The soil must be wet and the tress should be watered after planted.  The distance between the trees must be minimum 4 meters, but it depends on the sort of the tree - the more vigorous the tree, the greater the distance.

Dumitru Rusu, of the General Phytosanitray Supervision and Seed Control Inspectorate, said the saplings must be purchased only from agricultural stores or authorized markets. “The buyer must ask for the quality certificate from the producer. The certificate of origin is issued by the local, district or municipal divisions,” he stated.

The saplings are planted in spring and autumn, after the leaves fall.

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