Current government is not interested in shedding light on April 7 case, statement

The current government admits certain subtleties of the April 7, 2009 events, but it is not in its interests to reveal them because it had been involved in them to a certain extent. The lack of progress in investigating those events cannot be explained in a different way, said the director of the Journalistic Investigations Center (CIJ) Cornelia Cozonac.

”The authorities managed very badly the situation after the April 7 events. They and the law enforcement bodies should shed light on the multiple human rights violations as the state of affairs in this respect is also bad. It seems that the authorities delayed taking steps during the fours years since those events so that the people forget everything and do not provide new evidence as to who was involved in them,.” Cornelia Cozonac stated for IPN.

She also said that prosecutors and police officers were involved in the 2009 events, but they made common cause. “They hid the evidence and closed the cases so that nobody was punished. There were imposed only several disciplinary punishments, but they didn’t result in dismissals and real penalties. I think they want time to pass so that those events are forgotten and nobody is punished. Anyway, the part of the blame remains,” stated the director of the CIJ.

According to her, journalistic investigations can be carried out even after four years as there is evidence that can be substantiated. “There are video recordings. There was hierarchical subordination. There were orders made and the persons who made them. The police ill-treated persons and the prosecutors didn’t take action,” said Cornelia Cozonac.

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