Communists make call for terror? Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“As regards the return to the use of the concept of enemy of the people, should we believe that the PCRM makes a call for the use of terror in the Republic of Moldova? This call should be examined by the responsible bodies of the Republic of Moldova in terms of its compliance with the constitutional provisions and the law on political parties...”

Regrets and sighs...

The Moldovan Communists remain hostage to the feeling of dissatisfaction with their unaccomplished task – happiness of the mankind through the agency of dictatorship of the proletariat. It seems that after overcoming the acute phase of nostalgia caused by the centenary of the late USSR, the supporters of Communism will resign themselves to accepting that what happened passed and will never return. But it is not so as the Communists want to persuade us that they remain faithful to the totalitarian values and methods.

Given that currently no one takes them seriously, the regrets and sighs of the Communists generate only pity and compassion as the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) had governed for eight months, in 2001 – 2009, and could have achieved the proclaimed statutory ideals. In fact, while holding power, the PCRM and its leaders became so bourgeois that they didn’t differ much from the other parties. Namely under the rule of the PCRM, the oligarchic clans took roots and the basis of grand corruption were laid. An indicator of what was stated is the fact that the leader of the PCRM, Vladimir Voronin, was a guest of honor at the wedding party of the capitalist shark, Ilan Shor, who is hiding from justice for committing the billion theft and robbing the banking system of the Republic of Moldova. Does someone else believe that Marxist-Leninist Vladimir Voronin and criminal banker Ilan Shor are class enemies?

Currently, we are witnessing again the spring worsening of Communist neurosis that for now manifests itself only throng depressive states, of commemoration of the: 1) constitution, on March 2, 1919, of the Comintern (Communist International) – organization that was to stage the world revolution; 2) death of Joseph Stalin – the Soviet leader that reformulated the tasks of the Comintern, provoking the great Communist terror by which millions of people were killed; 3) constitution of the red army – an instrument for staging the world revolution.

All the mentioned things can be easily overlooked. Indeed, it is impossible to make the inveterate Communists admit that the totalitarian regime whose disappearance they mourn committed monstrous crimes. However, the PCRM has a youth organization – Komsomol – whose members should be at least informed about the crimes committed by the promoters of the Communist ideas they embrace. An example is the fact that all the members of the first Soviet government, Sovnarkom, except for those who died until 1937, were declared enemies of the people and were short during the great terror. Also, all the seven leaders of the Leninist Komsomol in 1919- 1937 were declared enemies of the people and were also shot. Would the Moldovan Komsomolists like to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors? The launch of the first sexual revolution that was replicated in the West in only half a century was the only appreciable thing done by the Soviets for the Communist youth.

Declared goal of the Comintern

So, as an instrument for staging the world revolution, the Communist International (Comintern) was constituted on the initiative of the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin. The first congress of the Comintern took place in Moscow from 2 to 6 March 1919. Respectively, the organization was conceived not as a fully-fledged federation of parties from different countries, but as a centralized entity – the International Party of the Proletariat that consisted of national bodies. It happened that the hopes of causing swiftly a world revolution were dashed, but the goals remained unchanged.

Respectively, in 1928 there was adopted the new statutes of the Comintern, which anyway reiterated the earlier announced goals that were clearly stipulated (Article 1) that: the Communist International - the International Association of Workers – is an association of Communist parties of the countries of the world, a common world Communist Party. Being an organizer of the world revolutionary movement of the proletariat, promoter of the principle and goals of communism, the Communist International struggles to attract most of the working class and the largest part of the poor peasantry, for establishing the world dictatorship of the proletariat so as to create the World Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, for fully destroying the classes and instituting socialism – his first stage of communist society. Later, there was adopted the anthem of the Comintern, which noted that: Our Slogan is the World Soviet Union! We must realize that capitalist imperialism is bad, while communist imperialism (hegemony) is good.

Methods of the Comintern leaders

It is interesting to remember the methods through which the Comintern intended to achieve its goals. We can learn about this from the first Executive Secretary of Comintern, Grigory Zinoviev, who in only half a year after taking up his high post explained: “We need to turn into a military camp… we need our own socialist militarism so as to beat our enemies. We need to attract on our side 90 million people [of approximately 110], who live in Soviet Russia. There is no use talking to the rest and these should be destroyed.” In short, but very explicitly!

We see that the perspective of destroying about 20 million Russian citizens was taken into account from the very beginning. The given method was to be extended at global level. Stalin, after taking over, started to achieve the objectives set by the first Executive Secretary of the Comintern. It is evident that they didn’t stop at the peasantry. He identgifed tens and hundreds of enemies of the people, including among the representatives of the Bolshevik elite and the red army that destroyed them and later also among the members of the Comintern. Historians identified four of the participants in the first congress of the Comintern, who were photographed (see above) alongside Lenin and who were arrested and executed by the regime of Stalin. In total, during the great terror, Stalin destroyed over 130 notable members of the Comintern and the organization’s Executive Secretary Grigory Zinovieiv, who conceived the methods for scoring a victory against class enemies, was among these. There is evidence that after he was arrested, Zinoviev implored Stalin to save him and even kissed the boots of his executioners. Zinoviev’s methods were used according to the saying– one beats the bush, and another catches the bird...

Another problem of major interest is the method of financing the Comintern. Initially, it was presumed that the Comintern will finance itself with membership dues paid by parties, but immediately it was reached the conclusion that this is a utopian idea. Respectively, the costs for the world revolution were assumed by Bolshevik Russia that provided loans to the Comintern until the circumstances make the financing from the own resources of the Communist parties from aboard possible. The financial resources were transmitted through contraband to the countries that were subjected to destabilization, such as Brazil, Spain etc. Here we see the roots of the chromatic revolutions and the sources of financing these.

Cominternist opportunism...

After the great terror of 1937 – 1938, the Stalinism regime in 1939 established friendly relations with the regime of Hitler and this became evident together with the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its secret protocol. Respective, the fate of the leaders of the Comintern from the Feuerman countries, especially of the German ones became a non-envious one. But the circumstances changed and the attitude to Comintern also changed.

During World War II, on May 15, 1943, at the rarest of the American and British allies, in order to accept the opening of the second front in Europa, Stalin decided to disband the Comintern, noting that: Experience showed that … it is impossible to manage the movement of workers from all the countries of the world by one international center, especially now, in conditions of war, when the Communist parties of Germany, Italy and other countries have the task of ousting their governments and of leading to the fulfillment of the defeatist takes while the communist parties of the USSR, the UK, the U.S. and others on the contrary have the task of supporting the governments so as to ensure the sift defeat of the enemy. There is another reason for the dissolution of the Communist International – the parries that belong to this are falsely accused of being foreign agents and this hampers their activity among the masses... When the war ended, the friendship with the allies also ended. Respectively, the subversive activity for organizing the world revolution was restarted and continued through the so-called Cominform. The end justifies the means, doesn’t it?

Most important accomplishment of Comintern?! 

The Comintern’s diversions were many and varied. However, the contribution to the coming of Hitler to power in Germany was the most important accomplishment of the Comintern. It is well known that the Soviet Bolsheviks considered the European Socialists and Social-Democrats the main enemies of the Comintern, allegedly for their revisionist policy with regard to the Marxist theory.

Respectively, during the political ascension of Hitler, Stalin, through the agency of the Comintern, banned the German Communists from coordinating their policies with the Social-Democrats against the Nazi party. That’s why the German members of the Comintern preferred, in particular situations, to cooperate with the Nazis, as in the case of the common protest of the carriers of 1932, etc.

Confusions and recommendations

In connection with the commemoration of the constitution of the Comintern and its leader Joseph Stalin, the Moldovan Communists condemn the current government that dances to the tune of the “collective West” and the leading elites of the United States, suggesting it would be good to return to the concept of “enemy of the people” from the times of Stalin. Blinded by hatred, the Communists reveal their true nature. Namely the Comintern commemorated by them was the organization to whose tune all the Communist leaders from all over the world danced. Stalin disbanded the Comintern at the suggestion of the American and British allies. It is not clear what objections the Communists can have towards the current government when they also act in cooperation with the partners of the Republic of Moldova during the war of aggression that is being waged in the region?

As regards the return to the use of the concept of enemy of the people, should we believe that the PCRM makes a call for the use of terror in the Republic of Moldova? This call should be examined by the responsible bodies of the Republic of Moldova in terms of its compliance with the constitutional provisions and the law on political parties.

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