Choice imposed by two symbolic events. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

The citizens of the Republic of Moldova, in the new electoral cycle, will have to choose what they want more – to listen to the call of history or to join the despotic regimes within which the dictatorial power is transmitted hereditarily or from a corrupt clan to another...

Speech by President of European Commission

Two events of great geopolitical importance and with huge symbolic meaning were held last week the same day, on September 13. These are: the State of the Union address by the President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, and the meeting of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea. A coincidence? Probably yes.

Speaking about the state of the European Union (EU), the President of the EC said that the European citizens, ahead of the elections to the European Parliament of June 6-9, 2024, should decide what kind of future and what kind of Europe they want. For the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, the EC President’s speech is important both from retrospective viewpoint and from the perspective of the future given the current circumstances of the international policy. In this regard, Ursula von der Leyen said that the EU today reflects the vision of those who dreamt of a better future after World War II.” A future in which a Union of nations, democracies and people would work together to share peace and prosperity. They believed that Europe was the answer to the call of history”.

As to the EU’s future, the President of the EC said that, given the Russian aggression against Ukraine,
history is now calling us to work on completing our Union. In a world where some are trying to pick off countries one by one, we cannot afford to leave our fellow Europeans behind… But we cannot – and we should not – wait for Treaty change to move ahead with enlargement. A Union fit for enlargement can be achieved faster.

Meeting between Putin and Kim Jong

In the same period on the other end of the Eurasian continent, two dictators – Vladimir Putin, who 25 years ago took over in Russia from the Yeltsin clan, and Kim Jong-un, the representative of the third generation of the North-Korean despotism established 75 years ago, who took over hereditarily from his father Kim Jong-il, who, for his part, took over from his father Kim Ir-sen, met in about 200 km from Blagoveshchensk, on the Vostochny Cosmodrome. The two dictators had what to discuss given that the states they head are world leaders in terms of sanctions imposed on them by the international community – Russia – on the first place, while North Korea – on the fourth place.

Evidently, the main discussions of the two dictators referred to military cooperation, North Korea’s possibilities of supplying munitions and armament for continuing the war in Ukraine in exchange for Russian military technology. The speeches of the two were packed in friendly clothing. In this regard, Putin noted: "Today we also strive to strengthen the bonds of camaraderie and good neighborliness. We act in the name of peace, stability and prosperity of our common region. The North-Korean dictator confirmed that it goes only to peace in the common region: “We agreed with Mister Putin to strengthen strategic cooperation and solidarity in the fight for guarantees of durable peace…Russia has risen to a sacred fight to protect its sovereignty. We support President Putin’s decisions and are ready to fight together against imperialism”.

We must admit that the idea of a common fight against imperialism sounds strange. This means that, in fact, a fight should be started against the imperial pretentions of the Putin regime. These pretensions are explicitly exhibited by the elite propagandists who publicly admit that the Putin regime aims to restore the empire as Russia is by definition an empire that breathes, contracting itself and expanding periodically. Given such an imperial paradigm, Vladimir Putin himself asserts that at present, owing to his efforts, Russia is at the enlargement phase for restoring the Russian territory, as during the times of Peter the Great.

What role is played by Moldovan branch of Russian imperialism?

For the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, the pretension regarding the enlargement of the Putin empire, which is at its fifth phase, is of great topicality. The point is the author of the concept of the fifth empire, Alexandr Prokhanov, opened in Chisinau a branch of his imperial organization that includes heavyweights of the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM). Prokhanov’s view on the fifth empire was stated as follows: Russia as part of Vologda province is unimaginable. I think Russia is either en empire, and the now castrated Russia is yet an empire, or it does not exist, collapses, and the Russian nation is doomed to extermination.

Another supporter of the Russian imperialism, Alexander Dugin, who forms part of the same organization as the PSRM leaders do, developed a mystical version of the given phenomenon: “The empire can be restored in Russia as a result of a divine miracle. Each empire has a supernatural origin. If this is not a miracle from God, then it is a “black miracle” of the evil. The people are unable to create an empire. It is always something sacred. If there is no miracle, there is no empire. But our faith is in Living God, in the wonder-working God”.  In such circumstances, it is opportune to wonder – was it a coincidence the fact that the PSRM, after it became a partner of Putin’s party “United Russia”, cardinally changed its doctrine and declared itself  a conservative, national, social-patriotic party, pleading for the introduction in the Constitution of a clause concerning the special role played by the Orthodox Church?   

The given question is not rhetorical. The author of Fascism - Bondless and Red also made a call to the supporters of the Russian imperialism: “Suffer with us, die with us, kill with us, sing with us, go with us, disappear in us, bury yourselves with us, fast with us, prostrate yourselves with us, disappear with us, love with us, hate with us so as to revive with us and enter the Russian Easter, the big Easter of Christ.” This is an unpardonable manner used for Christ’s Church and the Savior Himself to be engaged in hallucinating projects of the Russian imperialists. Another emerging question is – why did the PSRM and its leaders accept to form part of Russian imperial organizations, why did they open in Chisinau a branch of one of these imperial organizations, what does this branch do at the moment, during the Russian aggression against Ukraine? 


So, World War II that was started by Hitler and Stalin in September 1939 generated the call of history to build the European Union. The dismemberment of the USSR generated another call of history – the enlargement of the EU in several stages. Currently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is generating one more call of history that should contribute to completing the EU.

The citizens of the Republic of Moldova, in the new electoral cycle, will have to choose what they want more – to listen to the call of history or to join the despotic regimes within which the dictatorial power is transmitted hereditarily or from a corrupt clan to another.

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