Chiril Moțpan: Organization of EPC Summit in Moldova is a source of pride

The organization of the European Political Community Summit in Moldova is a source of pride for our country, thinks Chiril Moțpan, vice president of the DA Platform and former lawmaker.

“This event is a source of pride. I don’t know if something like this would have happened in another situation. But when dozens of heads of civilized states pay you a visit, it must be a very important thing. I am confident that the positive impact will be quite strong for the further development of Moldova, but with one condition. The government must understand that they are not the only ones in this space who can decide the fate of Moldova, but they can only do it together with the people, accepting that there are other opinions in society as well. There is no other way than to give a special boost to Moldova, than to consolidate society, and that is the responsibility of the president of the country, but also of the government as a whole”, said Moțpan during an IPN debate on Friday.

Talking about security risks and the way in which Moldova can keep the situation under control, Chiril Moțpan said that in the context of the June 1 event, it is certain that each state will send teams of intelligence services, which will be involved in the organization of security. “There are a series of preventive actions by the SIS and the MoI before the event to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Chiril Moțpan urges the authorities to be vigilant about the situation in Gagauzia, suggesting that “the pro-Russian elements troubling the waters” will not stand by impassively. “We have to start from the idea that there are certain security risks, but I’d like to believe that the government has enough capacity to keep the situation under control. I’m pretty sure things will work out normally. And the population will get involved. We will not sit with our eyes closed and our hands in our pockets, if there are attempts to destabilize the situation”, added the former MP.

As for the expectations from the EPC Summit, Chiril Moțpan said he hoped that the results will not be too long in coming. “I hope it will have an impact on the further development of Moldova. But let’s not forget that all these things must go together: economic development, improvement of people’s living conditions, etc. European investments must be felt in the home and on the table of every citizen”, says Chiril Moțpan.

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