CEC rejects registration to one of two independent candidates

The list of 58 candidates for MP of the Political Party “New Historical Option” were registered by the Central Election Commission today. The CEC also registered independent candidate Veaceslav Valico and rejected the application registration of Ion Stegărescu, IPN reports.

According to CEC secretary Maxim Lebedinschi, Ion Stegărescu presented 1,870 signatures, but 400 of these were declared invalid for different reasons. As the condition of providing a minimum of 2,000 signatures wasn’t met, the candidate wasn’t registered.

Being present in the hall, Ion Stegărescu said he was unable to collect the necessary number of signatures. He noted the law is discriminatory as the women can collect fewer signatures (1,000) to be registered as an independent candidate and this is against the Constitution and the international law norms.

For his part, Veaceslav Valico presented 2,174 signatures to the CEC and his registration was possible.

The final list of election contestants registered by the CEC is the following:

1. “Building Europe at Home” Party;
2. Common Action Civic Congress Party;
3. Electoral Bloc “Renato Usatîi”;
4. Shor Party;
5. Party of Action and Solidarity;
6. Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists;
7. Professional Movement “Speranţa – Nadejda”;
8. Democratic Party;
9. Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”;
10. National Unity Party;
11. Party “Democracy at Home”;

12. Political Party “NOI”;
13. Party of Development and Union of Moldova;
14. Political Party “Alliance for the Union of Romanians”;
15. Ecologist Green Party;
16. Party of Law and Justice;
17. People Power Party;

18. Party of Regions of Moldova;
19.“Moldova’s Patriots” Party;
20  Working People’s Party;
21. Party of Change;
22. “New Historical Option” Party;

23. Veaceslav Valico (independent).

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