Cause of disappointment and sufferings of Marc Tkachuk... Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

„The aforementioned things are very important as the PAC-CC is among the founders of the platform “Common Agenda” whose leaders publicly became involved in a protest movement that was temporarily put off. The pursued goal is to cause snap presidential and parliamentary elections so as to take over the political power in the state. The “Common Agenda” can succeed in its effort to cause snap elections. The problem is the victory in these elections could belong to the whores...”


If female cooks can govern the state, why …. cannot

One of the leaders of the Party “Common Action - Civic Congress (PAC-CC), Mark Tkachuk, expressed his disappointment about the way in which the general local elections were held on  November 5, 2023. He has serious reasons for this as the party’s candidates obtained an embarrassing score, especially in the competition for the post of mayor in the main cities of the country. In the municipality of Chisinau, Mihail Polyanski garnered only 388 votes (0.15% of the poll); in the municipality of Baltii, Mark Tkachuk won 360 votes (0.95%); in the municipality of Cahul, Iurie Muntean gained 211 votes (2.13%) etc. Consequently, the PAC-CC didn’t obtain at least one seat of mayor and also didn’t obtain any post of district/municipal councilor.

Not the party’s poor result, but the quality of the election campaign bothered Marc Tkachuk and his mates the most. Such a conclusion can be deduced from the post published by the PAC-CC leader in social media on November 7, entitled: Intrigue development. Instead of debates of ideas – a competition of whores. The given post consists of three parts. The first part refers to the PAC-CC’s proposal to transform the election campaign into a competition of ideas. Such an approach left yet the opponents and the townspeople disinterested: “The proposal to engage the citizens into an honest discussion on their problems and on a new strategy for cities. Let’s act humanly at least once. Let’s transform the elections into a real competition of initiatives that will unite the townspeople and will make us all stronger… What are your thoughts? Silence. Without ideas..., These remained, in the best case, on paper...”.

The second part of the post refers to the competition of whores: What can be counterpoised to “swings and carousels”, cheap gas and other worldly pleasures? Nothing. Except for nocturnal transactions and discolored billboards. Nothing! So live with them”. The PAC-CC leader’s allusion is as transparent as possible. Several derivatives of the outlawed Shor Party conducted election campaigns, promising the most banal things: a) building of amusement parks (replication of Orhei-Land in Gagauzia, in Balti, Chisinau etc.); b) supply of natural gas to the citizens with a cost reduction of 50-80%; c) offering of bonuses to pensions of approximately €50 etc. All these promises are to be delivered immediately, with private funds of enigmatic sponsors from abroad. Only the support of electors by their vote is needed.

The third part of the post contains congratulations to all the rest on the occasion of the anniversary of the October Revolution. We must admit that this part of the post is the most enigmatic one. We cannot know with certitude what the PAC-CC leader meant. Was he sincere or ironic? The point is the leader of the Bolshevik putsch of November 7, 1917, Vladimir Lenin, was sure that even the female cooks can govern the state, which is anyone can do it. If so, why the whores would not do it? The Shor Party and all its derivatives would have proven this. 

Why don’t electors vote for intellectuals, preferring...?

The PAC-CC leaders have the reputation of well-trained persons involved ins scientific research, who deal with politics among others. Spreading among the citizens their own great ideas is one of their goals. This is the reason for their involvement in election campaigns. To convince ourselves that this is so, out of curiosity we can consult the statutory documents of the party. From these, we can deduce that the goal of the PAC-CC is: “to unite the supporters of the enlightenment values in the fight for humanist ideals, equal conditions for all the citizens of Moldova, the citizens’ control over power, restitution of real sovereignty to the people, ensuring of social justice, eradication of poverty and all forms of oppression, directing the country to the path of irreversible social progress and development”.

The spreading of the enlightenment values in the 21st century seems to be an original, even unique objective. The first question that appears here refers to the sources of inspiration of the PAC-CC leaders for achieving their goals. Three centuries ago, the anti-feudal and anticlerical enlightenment movement drew its inspiration from the writings of the great authors of the Renaissance, who became the precursors of the Enlightenment. In this regard, one of the most famous predecessors of the Enlightenment was Erasmus from Rotterdam, the author of the well-known masterpiece In Praise of Folly. Respectively, it wouldn’t be probably right for the enlighteners of the 21st century to also get inspired from Erasmus’s work. Not at all accidentally, one of the educational programs of the European Union (EU) is called Erasmus.

If they got inspired from the given experience of the EU, the PAC-CC leaders would find immediate responses to the questions formulated in Marc Tkachuk’s post. This way, in the 12th chapter of his work of genius “In Praise of Folly”, Erasmus answers the question, why the people prefer not to think, by quoting ancient tragedian Sophocles: “Not knowing anything is the sweetest life”. This is a millennium-old deduction that the PAC-CC leaders ignored even if this truth is constantly confirmed by the Moldovans citizens eligible to vote. Moreover, contemporary poets devoted verses to the sweet life, free from thoughts and ideas.

The situation becomes tragic-comic if we take into account the fact that the PAC-CC leader insisted on congratulating the Moldovan citizens on the anniversary of the October Revolution even if the Bolshevik putsch of November 7, 1917 laid the basis of a totalitarian, repressive regime that, instead of critical thinking, cultivated reflexes of obedience and dependence in the citizens. The crimes of the communist regime are mentioned even in the PAC-CC Manifesto: “Three decades ago, a fundamental and voluntary change of the social system occurred. Then, society lost interest in building a communist project and renounced the goals and values of this. The historical mistakes, crimes and incompetence of the nomenklaturist class overshadowed all the civilizational, educational, scientific, industrial-technical and humanitarian accomplishments”. So, it is not at all accidental that enlightenment is needed again after 70 years of communism.

So, we must realize that the most important accomplishment of the repressive communist regime was the monopolization of the post of distribution of social goods among the citizens so as to make them dependent and obedient. In this connection, it should be noted that approximately 500 years ago, Erasmus anticipated what can happen to the humans if reflexes of obedience and dependence are cultivated in them. In the 26th chapter of the quoted masterpiece, Erasmus evoked the experiment of the lawgiver of Sparta Lycurgus, who “to prove the necessity of the education reform, grew up two puppies: one of them was taught to be greedy and lazy, while the second was taught to ensure its existence by agility. When the puppets grew up and were set free from chains, the first stopped to eat from his bowl of food, while the second chased after a live hare”. Here are the complete responses to the problems mentioned in the PAC-CC leader’s post of November 7.


The PAC-CC leader is angry with the large sections of voters in vain. The young, talented and ambitious ones go abroad to build their life, to study and develop a career, etc. Among those who remained in the country many were educated in the Soviet period and are marked by the reflexes they acquired then. For the latter, thinking critically is a burden and the predecessor of the Enlightenment Erasmus anticipated this – the Homo Sovieticus got used to the fact that decisions could be taken only by the nomenklature and the managing and guiding force in Soviet society – the communist party. In a deficient society in which the Homo Sovieticus lived, obtaining something for free or out of mercy was the greatest happiness. This reflex was seen in the experiment of ancient lawgiver Lycurgus.

The absurdity is that the given reflexes are now ably and broadly exploited by the fugitive swindler, who calls himself a philanthropist, Ilan Shor. The latter, through the agency of... his puppets in Gagauzia, Orhei, Balti, Chisinau etc., promises to the voters exactly what they want – circuses and bread, all “for free”, from undeclared obscure sources, corrupting these in fact. 

In the given context, with a lot of benevolence, I would risk reminding the intellectuals from the PAC-CC that the discoveries of Erasmus are fundamental – human foolishness is an incredible resource and this makes the people more tolerant of each other, happier, more content with oneself, healthier as a final point”. On the other hand, excessive intelligence is the cause of despair, sadness, bad relations with the people and other problems caused by ambitions and pretentions of superiority. Respectively, the cause of the disappointment and sufferings of Marc Tkachuk and his mates is that they forgot or ignored the lessons of the one who was the precursor of the ideology they embraced – the Enlightenment. Go back to your roots…  

The aforementioned things are very important as the PAC-CC is among the founders of the platform “Common Agenda” whose leaders publicly became involved in a protest movement that was temporarily put off. The pursued goal is to cause snap presidential and parliamentary elections so as to take over the political power in the state. The “Common Agenda” can succeed in its effort to cause snap elections. The problem is the victory in these elections could belong to the whores...

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