Candidate for MEP Petre Costea lunches book in Chisinau

Petre Costea, who runs independently in the European Parliament elections on behalf of Romania, launched in Chisinau his book entitled “Goliath’s Defeat: Bodnariu Family and Romains’s Christians Subdue Century-Old Norway”. The author, who is a lawyer by profession, said this book describes unique and less known moments about the Bodnariu family from which five children were taken into custody by the Norwegian state. The children were taken in the autumn of 2015 and the parents managed to return them gradually in the spring of 2016.

In a news conference at IPN, Petre Costea stated he was asked to become involved in this case as a lawyer and as the president of the Alliance of Romania’s Families. The Bodnariu case aroused reactions all over the world and demonstrations in support of the couple were mounted in a number of states. After solving the case, he consulted his colleagues and decided to write a book about his experiences so that those events are not forgotten.

The lawyer said the Bodnariu couple, who got acquainted in Romania and moved to Norway, are Christian evangelists. Even if trivial reasons were involved in the trial, this was actually a case based on religious motives. While working on the book, he discovered that Norway and other Western countries try to replace the natural, traditional family with social families. And these social families consist of a parent, two or three parents, either of the same sex or of opposite sexes, who raise children. “Owing to the crisis of children in particular countries, such as Norway, they try to take children from parents and later give these children to social parents. The children are adopted and in time lose any connection with their biological parents,” stated Petre Costea.

He also said that sooner or later the Romanians will also face the challenge related to the family and marriage and what will they do then: will keep these as valuable institutions that can ensure the normal growth and development of children or will destroy them, hoping to borrow substitute institutions from the Western world?

The candidate for MEP noted his electoral platform is based on values and the official motto of his campaign is “Moral Renaissance of Europe!”. He represents the traditional values that he shares with the Moldovans as well. He also pleads for Moldova’s union with Romania for which he is ready to make the necessary approaches.

In the same news conference, the leader of the Movement “Professionalism and Responsibility for the People” of Moldova Gheorghe Costandachi said Petre Costea knows very well the situation in the Republic of Moldova and the problems faced in different areas. If Petre Costea enters the European Parliament, Moldovan society for the first time will have a direct satellite in the EP. “The whole team that supports him is convinced that we will have a satellite, a voice of Moldovan society in the European Parliament, which will raise the most pressing problems,” stated Gheorghe Costandachi.

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