Andrei Spînu: This is the best price we can have for electricity

The price of US$73 per MW is the best price the Republic of Moldova could obtain for electricity, said Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu. According to him, this is a compromise price agreed with the Transnistrian side for Tiraspol to be able to cover the losses sustained due to the reduction of industrial activity on the left side, IPN reports.

By November, Chisinau purchased electricity from the Kuchurgan power plant at the price of US$62 per MW/h. Even if the power plant does not purchase gas for producing electricity, the new purchase price is US$73. Andrei Spînu said the higher price was requested by the Transnistrian side for being able to fully pay pensions and salaries to the citizens from the left side of the Nistru.

“Yes, it is more expensive than earlier, but against the price of about €400 at which we buy electricity from the Romanian Commodities Exchange, this is probably the best price we can have for electrical energy. The argument of the so-called Transnistrian authorities for the price of US$73 was that the volume of 5.7 million cubic meters is not enough either for the right side or for the left side. Respectively, as the left side needs to allocate a large part of the gas for electrical energy, the industry there will be unable to work at full capacity. I must say it openly that they initially asked for a price of US$82, but we ultimately agreed on US$73. Negotiations were held. I cannot come and demand that the price should be US$62. Their economic argument was that their industry will be unable to work as usual and they need to have where to cover their costs from. They also need to pay pensions, salaries,” Andrei Spînu stated in the talk show “In Depth” on ProTV Chisinau channel.

For his part, energy expert Sergiu Tofilat said Chisinau’s hurry is inexplicable as the Transnistrian region would go bankrupt if it didn’t sell electricity to the right side.

“The right side can purchase electricity and gas from other sources. We do not need to hurry. The left side will go bankrupt if it does not have gas to generate electricity and to sell this to the right side. Their budget for the last three years shows that 50% of the budget costs are covered with money from the special gas account. We purchase electricity from MGRES. MGRES pays to Tiraspoltransgaz and the money from there goes to their budget not to Moldovagaz. The taxes collected in their industrial sector cannot be compared with the amounts collected from the production of energy. Their so-called minister of economy said that they have money until December only as they do not sell electricity. If we do not hurry, they will be in a difficult situation. I’m trying to understand why we accepted a higher price,” stated Sergiu Tofilat.

On December 3, SA Energocom signed a contract for the supply of electricity with MGRES (Kuchurgan power plant) for December. It was also agreed to extend the contract for January-March 2023. This way, Chisinau in December will buy 204,000 MW at the price of US$73 from MGRES. Instead, Moldovagaz offers the left side of the Nistru the whole amount of 5.7 million m3 of gas delivered by Gazprom.

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