Alexandru Tănase: Moldova should show responsibility to properly hold EPC Summit

The Republic of Moldova should show responsibility and maturity so as to property hold the European Political Community (EPC) Summit, the former president of the Constitutional Court Alexandru Tănase stated in an interview with IPN. According to him, this event should be interpreted as a message of support for the Republic of Moldova following the changes that happened in the process of joining the EU.

“As tens of heads of state of European countries will come to our country, security measures need to be taken. I don’t think someone doubts the capacity to ensure someone’s security, especially because we are not a country with a military risk and the crime situation here is not serious. However, we should verify and make sure that everything is fine. There will be a discomfort, but the inhabitants of the capital cities accept this discomfort when such events take place there as these events bring benefits too. All the costs associated with this event will be recovered, both for the state budget and for business entities,” stated Alexandru Tănase.

He noted that the opposition should also be interested in the proper conduct of this event and this should not try and hamper the summit by other actions, regardless of the political views. “This event has an impact on the whole country. Those who are now in the opposition can be in power tomorrow. That’s why this event should not be overshadowed somehow. There are reasons for restricting particular public events in the period”.

As regards a possible reaction on the part of the Russian Federation to the holding of the European Political Community Summit in Moldova, the ex-president of the Constitutional Court said that we should not be interested in what an aggressor state says. “The Russian Federation’s reaction is predictable. They will ignore the scale of the event, will truncate images to make propaganda as they usually do. What Russia says does not have any relevance. It is an aggressor state that kills children and women in Ukraine and an arrest warrant was issued against the leader of this country,” stated Alexandru Tănase.

Asked if the “European Moldova” National Assembly set for May 21, which was announced by President Maia Sandu, has any connection with the summit, Tănase said that any opportunity to appear in a EU context is a good occasion for distinguishing ourselves and for promoting Moldova’s image. However, the use of the phrase “National Assembly” is improper here.

“The problem with this National Assembly is different. We should not use inappropriate terms with regard to particular events. We had only one National Assembly, when the Romanian language was declared the official language. Not even when the Independence was proclaimed, the assembly was called like this. The National Assembly is a major event that is above all the political events. It is of a different level. The planned event is of the government. They decided to hold such an event and this is ok. But when you call it National Assembly, it means that all the people should be offered the possibility of stating their opinion, but this will not be possible. From political viewpoint, any mobilization of voters has meaning given the elections that will take place and we should be attentive as to the name we give to it. That National Assembly of 1989 marked the exit and separation from the USSR. Now, given the current historical context, we are not in front of such an event,” said Alexandru Tănase.

The interview titled “European Political Community Summit in the Republic of Moldova: historic event, regional context and opened opportunities” was conducted by IPN News Agency in the framework of the project “Support for European Integration by stimulating discussion in the mass media about the organization of the European Political Community (EPC) Summit in Moldova” that is supported by Soros Foundation Moldova.

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