Adviser to President Zelensky: War can continue for several days to several weeks and more

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, said the war in his country can continue for several days to several weeks or more. Russia tries to intimidate Ukraine by destroying cities and causing humanitarian catastrophes as the Russian army is unable to fight against the Ukrainian army. The West’s policy of sanctions against the Russian Federation is intelligent, while the Republic of Moldova is an “important partner”, IPN reports.

The presidential adviser said it is hard to anticipate the end of the war when Russia can find cannon fodder among its population of 140 million for being used in Ukraine. The end of the war will be brought closer by the resistance of the Ukrainian army and by the West’s sanctions policy.

“The Russian Federation does not want to improve the life of its citizens. Russia wants to teach other states how to live. Regrettably, the Russian citizens in the recent past have lived in their illusory world created by propaganda by which they are told that they are a grand country, an empire that needs to regain its world supremacy. Therefore, they do not perceive the notion of peace appropriately. They do not see that the world already sells technologies, comfort, intellect. The planet has long lived in other dimensions, not in the war dimension. Therefore, it is hard to make forecasts, but I think Ukraine proved that it can fight against this aggressive grouping called the Russian armed forces and showed that it can respond to the aggressors. The second aspect that disarms them is the intelligent and collective sanctions policy. However, there is one more aspect and it refers to the unwise statements of the Western political elites, representatives of NATO member states, who say that NATO will definitely not become involved in this conflict. This factor does nothing but extend the Russia Federation’s aggression. It can continue for several days to several weeks and more. One thing is clear – Ukraine will win in any situation,” Mykhailo Podolyak stated in the program “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

The adviser said the war in Ukraine destroys the myths about the grandeur of the Russian army that turned out to be fully unprepared, without any military strategy. However, Ukraine does not underestimate Russia’ capacities to use the own citizens and to apply the city surrounding tactic to cause real humanitarian catastrophes, as it did in Syria.

“They do not have any strategy. They have old technology. The Russians invested money only in rockets launchers with which they manage to destroy peaceful cities. They do not use these rockets against our army as the army can put up resistance. They launch rockets at apartment buildings and hospitals. The Russian army, despite the circulating legends about its power, turned out to be a primitive army from strategic viewpoint. We didn’t invest money in the army as we are not a military country. However, Ukraine efficiently fights against the Russian army. Their military equipment and resources are being used up and these are positive signals. But Russia will not spare the own citizens and will try to intimidate us by quantity – quantity of rockets, of bombs and of troops that will be sent to surround cities so as to cause humanitarian catastrophes. This is their tactic that was also used in Syria,” said Mykhailo Podolyak.

No noted that the Republic of Moldova is an important partner of Ukraine, while Kyiv approves of the close relations between the two countries. Ukraine shares Moldova’s fears over the presence of a separatist enclave on its territory.

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