About the fall of wall built to last forever, the unrest in the upper echelons and the judging of a judge

IPN flow synopsis for November 7, 2019

 „Bayonet” attacks to be expected?

"The presidential institution continues to support the government and the parliamentary majority, provided that the actions of political forces and persons do not exceed the limits of constitutional norms". This is the message conveyed by President Igor Dodon at a meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to the Republic of Moldova. Before that he has urged Maia Sandu to withdraw the executive’s initiative of assuming responsibility for amending the Law on Prosecutor’s Office because there are high risks that it will not be supported and the Government will have to be dissolved.

The prime minister said that this solution was probably not the most elegant, however, it was the only available option. Maia Sandu maintains she will not give in and will not retract the initiative, while Socialists are entitled to take a decision in Parliament. Prime Minister brings in Parliament an address concerning assuming responsibility for amending the Law on Prosecutor’s Office.

Working hard, but in vain

The lack of economic growth deepens inequality between citizens, says a report developed by "Expert Grup" Independent Analytical Center. "Although the level of inequality is not higher than in other countries in the region, the problem stems from the limited capacity of the social system to face medium and long term challenges. The causes are the following: limited tax and budgetary space, tax policies, high level of informal economy, but also demographic aging, "said Iurie Morcotîlo, economist at " Expert-Grup ."

Home sweet home!

Judge Oleg Sternioală was released in the courtroom, without no other measure being taken against him. Judges declined the prosecutors' request to apply the 30 day-arrest preventive measure. The magistrate is investigated in a criminal case initiated on large scale money laundry charges.

Pleasant discussions? Heated discussions?

President Igor Dodon invited the parliamentary majority groups for discussions on Friday, November 8, at different time. "We will definitely go, but probably with the colleagues from the Bloc and not separately. The exact format is still to be finalized," said PAS Vice-chairman Mihai Popșoi, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament.

30 years since the reunification of Germany

The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, was an event that led to the reunification of Germany, was a symbol of political change and establishment of democracy, rule of law and freedom. The Berlin Wall, built in the post-war period, was a barrier between West Berlin and the German Democratic Republic..

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