About “Democratic” mates’ eagerness to continue, Putin’s friend bothered by spies from Moldova and waste as a source of income

IPN flow synopsis for February 13, 2020

With life lessons learned in jail

Vlad Filat said he feels guilty and regrets that he could not deliver what he promised to the people, even if the value of the property confiscated from him was much higher than the value imputed to him. In connection with the upcoming presidential elections, he called on the politicians of the parties of the right to be rational and leave aside the ambitions and harsh statements.

Full of sins ready to play the game of “virginity”

The PDM can be ready to come to power and can have discussions with all the parties that are now represented in Parliament. He also said that the PDM does not necessarily aim to obtain seats of minister in the current executive. “Why should we form part of the Chicu Government? This political episode is over,” stated the ex-Premier, noting he does not yet know if the party will field a candidate in this year’s presidential elections. He said yet that the party could also support a common candidate.

Thief cries “catch the thief!”

President Igor Dodon demanded that the SIS should inform on time. “We already see attempts to become rather actively involved in the destabilization of the situation, from outside the country. The massive financing provided to nongovernmental organizations, attempts to manipulate public opinion so as to generate large-scale protests”. Ion Guzun, legal adviser of the Legal Resource Center of Moldova, said the phenomenon of attacks on the activity of civil society is not an isolated problem for Moldova and is rather a tendency in the countries of the region with a reduced level of democracy.

“Trade unions – school of communism!” and defective management

After the dissolution of the USSR, the Republic of Moldova came into impressive inheritance estimated at over US$200 million. This huge property inherited from the Soviet trade union organization included buildings, tourist resorts, sanatoriums, sports facilities, camping areas and camps. The journalistic investigations presenting cases of fraudulent management of the property of trade unions of the Republic of Moldova, through the agency of the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova, show that the leaders of these weren’t concerned about the protection of the rights of employees, including the property ones,” PAS and PPPDA MPs said over the constitution of a commission of inquiry into the sale of property belonging to trade unions.

Vote on waste, divide real money

The efficient waste management should be a priority for the authorities, said environmental activists. However, recently, the Chisinau Municipal Council examined a draft decision to eliminate the tubes and set up waste collection areas. “I ascertained with surprise that the decision was endorsed by everyone except for the Socialist group. Why? Why doesn’t a group of councilors want to vote a draft decision that is in the interests of citizens?” asked Iuliana Cantaragiu, expert of the National Environmental Center.

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