2% of Moldova’s population vaccinated against COVID-19 by now

2% of the population of the Republic of Moldova has been vaccinated against COVID-19. At the same time, there were immunized 60% of the health workers, 24% of the education sector employees and 30% of the persons living in placement centers, IPN quoted Alexei Ceban, epidemiologist of the National Public Health Agency, as saying in a news conference.

According to the epidemiologist, after the vaccination campaign was launched in Moldova on March 2, the COVID-19-associated morbidity among health workers declined by 75%.

Adverse events following immunization were reported in 1.5% of the immunized persons. 3.8% of the adverse events were described as moderate forms that manifested themselves as allergy and fever of 38.5 degrees Celsius, while 96.2% of the events were classed as mild forms with local pain, fever of up to 38.5 degrees Celsius, muscle and joint pain. Alexei Ceban said there was reported no case of thrombosis or other severe advents.

One in five patients with COVID-19 can develop thrombosis if they hadn’t been vaccinated, while the similar rate among the immunized persons is 1:100,000 or even 1:1 000 000.  

Alexei Ceban noted that Moldova so far received about 118,000 doses of vaccines against the novel coronavirus. Of the 86,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines whose commercial name is also Vaxzevria, 75,700 doses were distributed to vaccination centers and 73% of these doses were administered. Of the 24,500 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech, there were distributed 12,200 doses and 99% of them were administered. Half of the 2,000 Sinopharm doses received by Moldova were distributed to vaccination centers and 70% of these were administered.

According to the epidemiologist, the administration of the second dose of Pfizer began today.

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