Zinaida Gribincea: In election campaign, both of candidates bank on feelings rather than on reason

In the campaign prior to the presidential runoff, both Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu bank on feelings rather than on reason, psychologist Zinaida Gribincea, university professor, stated in IPN’s public debate “Election campaign in first and second rounds: affinities, differences, effects”.

Zinaida Gribincea said there are differences between the two candidates. Igor Dodon more often exhibits his feelings and political frustrations. Maia Sandu also does this, but offers a logical perspective on events. They both use very subtle techniques to attract the segment of voters who are their stake. But regardless of their feelings towards a particular candidate, the voters should analyze well the electoral platforms proposed by the candidates and take a decision.

As to the involvement of the mass media in the process of conveying candidates’ electoral messages, the psychologist said the incumbent President and his opponent are not on equal terms as many of the media outlets are affiliated to the power and Igor Dodon prevails in the news bulletins and is presented most often in a positive light, unlike Maia Sandu.

She said Maia Sandu’s absence from electoral debates this week, when she could have obtained the vote of the undecided electors, is inexplicable as is her decision that a direct confrontation with Igor Dodon will be useless. This is probably due to the fact that the independent candidate forced things in parts as regards the use of labels against his opponent. But this is probably not the only reason and this is perhaps a strategy for ignoring her opponent.

Zinaida Gribincea noted it would be good if society witnessed a political duel based on correct communication principles and techniques. The duel seen now is not based on rules and principles and on respect for the opponent and a part of society will penalize such behavior. There is a lot of misinformation in the public sphere that denigrates the candidates for President. In the current election campaign, the limits of moral principles and common sense were not respected by far.

Zinaida Gribincea called on the people eligible to vote to realize that they can contribute to the own future and must take part in the building of democracy in society. Both the candidates for President and society should make effort and the candidates should assume responsibility for any message transmitted to the voters. “Each candidate should be analyzed reasonably and we should not give our vote because we like or don’t like a candidate or because that candidate shares our particular individual wishes,” she stated, noting the President should first of all take care of the people’s wellbeing.

The debate “Election campaign in first and second rounds: affinities, differences, effects” was the ninth installment of the series “We and the President: who elects who, who represents who” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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