Zinaida Greceanîi: We are ready to form a new parliamentary majority

The Socialist Party chairwoman, Zinaida Greceanîi, said that the party does not support the idea of snap parliamentary elections and is ready to form a new parliamentary majority with the ACUM bloc. However, the PSRM wants, among other things, a new candidate for the position of prime minister. In case the ACUM bloc refuses the proposal, the PSRM is ready to support a candidacy for prime minister put forward by the head of state, even in the absence of a majority. The statements were made after consultations with President Igor Dodon, which took place today, November 13.

"What happened yesterday, happened. We are against snap parliamentary elections. That is why our group has decided that we are ready to form a new parliamentary majority with the ACUM bloc, as previously agreed. We have informed the president about our decision. We are not taking into consideration forming a parliamentary majority with any other political parties. We officially invite the ACUM bloc to form a new parliamentary majority, on new terms", Zinaida Greceanîi told the press.

According to the Speaker, the new terms imply a new structure of the government, different from the previous one, when all the government responsibility was assumed by the ACUM bloc. Additionally, the PSRM wants a new candidate for the position of prime minister.

"In case the ACUM bloc is unwilling to accept our offer, we have informed the president that we cannot admit the triggering of snap parliamentary elections. The country does not need snap elections, which is why we will consider any candidacy put forward by the president for the position of prime minister, even in the absence of a parliamentary majority", said the PSRM leader.

She added that PSRM is waiting for ACUM bloc's reply. Asked who will aid the Socialists in voting for the new government with the prime minister selected by the president, given that there's not parliamentary majority, Zinaida Greceanîi said that anyone who doesn't want snap parliamentary elections will vote in favor.

Additionally, asked by the press whether potential candidates for the position of prime minister were considered, the politician denied it. According to her, the PSRM will vote for a new government, even if it is led by a technocrat, the only exception being "the lady who triggered this political crisis".

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