Young people must assume their Romanian identity, especially amides hybrid war, statements

The younger generations must assume their Romanian identity. The need to assume the identity is more accentuated now that society is subjected daily to the effects of a hybrid war aimed specifically at denationalizing the people and the power to influence their political decisions through their weakness. By assuming the Romanian identity, the citizens can become more resilient, said representatives of the League of Bessarabian Students and the public association “National Idea”, who intend to mount an “Identity March” on May 24. Thus, the young people want to mark the Days of Romanians Everywhere in Chisinau.

“Assuming the Romanian identity is the means by which we can assume a certain past, the millennial past of the Romanian civilization, with its beginnings between the cohesion of the Dacian people and the Latin people,” a news conference at IPN.

According to the young man, the identity of an individual is lost over time. To resist, the people need a common ideal shared by everyone. “The importance of assuming the Romanian identity among the young people comes in the context of what was said, but especially because the young people represent the future of this country. What ideal will we leave to the future generations if we, those of the present times, will not assume now, before it is too late, our Romanian identity? The young people represent that sufficiently active category of society, which, through their activities, can represent the main fault line of this ideal,” stated Petru Ciobanu.

Silviu Popa, a member of the League of Bessarabian Students, believes that the events dedicated to the Days of Romanians Everywhere contribute to strengthening the Moldovan-Romanian relations, which are already close. They also contribute to maintaining and developing a common cultural, linguistic and civilizational space. “In fact, our customs are very beautiful and our traditions, which cannot be found in other countries of the world, make us a special people. The event that is celebrated annually by both the public authorities and organizations that feel they are Romanian offers the opportunity to strengthen ties and the Romanian community globally. The Day of Romanians Everywhere is all the more important because the Republic of Moldova is the second Romanian state – we have a common history, speak the same language and have common cultural ties with Romania. In fact, we have a common future,” said Silviu Popa.

The “Identity March” will start at 02:00 p.m. at the intersection of Grigore Vieru Blvd and Romana St in the capital city. The organizers said that during the event, they will transmit a strong campaign-message, affirming their commitment to the pro-Western direction and promoting the vote “for” the European integration in the referendum.

“The march is a sign of our determination to affirm our Romanian identity and promote our common values and traditions. Thus, I urge all the Romanians everywhere to come together on May 24 to celebrate and honor our national costume, the Romanian values and traditions that are equally special and nice. We are waiting for you with great pleasure!” said Nicoleta Gherman, head of the League of Bessarabian Students.

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