Yevghenny Sholari: European integration is interpreted differently in Moldovan society

Moldovan society interprets the European integration in different ways. The main differences were formulated by publicist Yevghenny Sholari, political editorialist of the electronic publication NewsMaker, in IPN’s public debate “European integration of the Republic of Moldova, myth or reality?"

“One of the interpretations is that the European integration is a geopolitical choice that we need in order to come closer to Russia. But the idea of European integration in such an interpretation usually does not lead to the development of the state and divides society. However, it is maximally exploited by the politicians before the elections in order to obtain people’s votes,” stated the journalist.

”Another interpretation is that the European integration resides in the modernization of the state and society. This implies the consolidation of society around common values and building of a normal state. This interpretation does not add image to the politicians as, if society does not waste energy on the settlement of internal conflicts and uses it to bring things in the country in order, the politicians will be the first to suffer.”

Evghenii  Șolari also said that Moldovan society is permanently labeled as pro-Russian or differently. In surveys, the people should be asked if Moldova should enter the European Union or the Eurasian Union. “It is interesting that a large category of people choose both of the variants when answering this question. They do not perceive this as a geopolitical choice, but rather as an opportunity to develop normal geopolitical relations with all the partners and the possibility of building a normal state at home.”

The journalist noted the elimination of the artificial opposition created in society is an important task of a responsible policy that is regrettably absent in Moldova.

The public debate “European integration of the Republic of Moldova, myth or reality?” was held by IPN News Agency as part of the project “Overcoming stereotypes of European integration by communication” that is implemented with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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