Women in Moldova cannot be sentenced to life imprisonment

In Moldova the women cannot get life. Representatives of civil society expressed their bewilderment at such a norm, considering it discriminatory in relation to men.

Answering an inquiry by IPN News Agency, the Ministry of Justice said the given provision applies to minors and women. In relation to minors, this norm does not generate bewilderment, while the exemption of women from life imprisonment was discussed even during the appraisal of the draft of the current Penal Code. “We cannot deny that the lawmakers, when they exempted the women form life imprisonment, were more indulgent given that the equal treatment of men and women must be something normal. There are actually no arguments in favor of such an approach,” it is said in the Ministry’s answer.

Ecaterina Mardarovici, executive director of the Women’s Political Club 50/50, has told IPN that the law should be applied equally to all the citizens. “We must be equal in rights and in obligations too,” she stated. The expert considers the lawmakers must make changes to the Penal Code. “I hear about this provision for the first time. It means that there is one more reason for discriminating against men, besides the regiment age.”

Alexei Buzu, executive director of the Partnership for Development Center, also said that he hears about such a provision for the first time. He presumed that the lawmakers consider the woman as a group with incomplete legal power or as persons who must take care of children, the family, etc. “I think everyone should be equal before the law,” he stated.

The give provision has formed part of the Penal Code of Moldova since 2002.

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