Woman accuses investigators of wrongly pursuing her for murdering domestic partner

Accused of killing her domestic partner, Corina Cozlova, a 25-year-old woman, claims she is being wrongly prosecuted. In a press conference, Corina Cozlova said that the man died suffocated by smoke.

The events that led to murder indictment took place on October 31, 2018, on Colina Pușkin in Chișinău.

"I am the mother of a 2-year-old girl and this fact makes me fight for the truth. The basis for the indictment were two arson outbreaks that were identified inside the house. At 2:30, I called 112 and asked for help, because I felt smoke in the house, yet aid was not sent", said Corina Cozlov.

The woman said that from 03:00 until 06:00, the time of death, her domestic partner was alive and that, if the requested aid had been sent, no one would have died.

“The criminal investigation body totally ignored the fact that the domestic partner was extremely aggressive. He systematically committed acts of domestic violence. He had a criminal history involving several criminal cases for domestic violence, trespassing and violation of protection orders” said Corina Cozlova.

According to the woman, the victim had been released from custody a few days before his death. "In a state of intoxication, he went to the kindergarten attended by his child, beat the educator, took the child by force and left in an unknown direction", the woman said.

Corina Cozlova added that the prosecutor's office did not consider the request for a psychological examination of the deceased, in order to assess whether he was able to set the house on fire by himself.

Also, the woman said that her right to defend herself was violated, because she was not granted evidence management during the criminal prosecution phase. "Earlier this year, I heard that the relatives of the deceased know the approximate date of my imprisonment and are looking for a new mother for my baby. One of the domestic partner's brothers asked me to sing a mandate on the share (of the inheritance) of the minor child,” the woman said.

Corina Cozlova told that she regrets the decision to be with the man and to give birth to his child, as he was aggressive when he was under the influence of alcohol.

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