Wine crisis is a result of different Moldovan and Russian affair interests. IPN interview with expert Dinu Gutu

[-What do you think about the present situation in the wine industry? Who is to be blamed of what happened?] The Russian bans on wine imports have a negative impact over the Moldovan wine field and it proves once again how dangerous is for a country’s economy, but also for a company the existence of a single client or a single market. It is very difficult to blame someone, although, at a macro level, the responsible person of Russia who signed the imports banning decision can be considered as “guilty of charge”. Also, the fact that only the imports of wine from Moldova and Georgia were halted shows exactly the real situation and the nature of this decision. On the other hand, I would like to mention that the management is the one that must foresee and avoid possible risks, which are very high when one “keeps all the eggs in a single basket” [-Do you think the reasons invoked by Russia are grounded? What is in fact hidden behind the wine embargo?] I think its all about politics and different foreign affair interests promoted by the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation. The quality of Moldovan wines can not be the cause of the embargo, although we have a lot of work at this chapter. [- What will be the impact of the ban over the national economy, especially over the banking system? ] If we are to analyze the evolution of the national currency exchange rate, or if to ask the banks for credits, we can already see the impact. Despite everything is said, the effect of the “wine crisis” is very negative. [- What are the solutions for the Moldovan wine crisis, in your opinion? Do you think adopting new quality standards will solve the problem?] The wine problem must be solved as quickly as possible; otherwise we will not find room on the Russian market, because other producers will appear. As well we must make our appearance on other markets. Until now the exports were directed only towards the Russian market, although there are countries which consume more wine. So it is just a quality problem. Even if Russians are less exigent about this chapter, other markets demand constant quality. What they taste from samples, afterwards want to receive in big amounts. [-Thank You!]

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