Why Socialists asked CC to pronounce on concomitant holding of presidential elections and snap parliamentary elections

Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea said the economic and organizational elements are one of the reasons for which the Party of Socialists asked the Constitutional Court to pronounce on the possibility of holding presidential elections and snap parliamentary elections the same day. He denied the idea that the Socialists want snap parliamentary elections, IPN reports.

“If snap parliamentary elections are to take place, these should be better held concomitantly with the presidential elections as the President’s term in office anyway expires and elections must be held. If snap parliamentary elections can be held the same day with the same budget, we want to know this and want to see the position of the Constitutional Court. According to out information, the Constitutional Court would pronounce against. But we want to be sure and to examine all the possible scenarios,” Vlad Batrîncea stated in the talk show “Fourth Power” on N4 channel.

As to the CC’s decision that the President cannot be party member, Vlad Batrîncea said this is abusive and was imposed when the Democratic Party was in power.

“It was a deviation of the Constitutional Court. Mister Plahotniuc instructed that Igor Dodon should be somehow impeded in politics and be removed from the political process. Everywhere in the world, in Europe, there is no problem in this regard. The political parties in a democratic way promote candidates for President, Prime Minister and so on,” he stated.

Vlad Batrîncea noted the Socialists only want things to return to normality. “It’s clear that the presidential elections will be won either by the candidate supported by the Socialists or the candidate of the right supported by the PAS. We just want this moment to be clarified as we consider the amendment was made abusively. The President can be party member and it is his constitutional right to be or not to be party member.”

The MP added that the Party of Socialists went to the CC to clarify the two aspects so as to get a general picture that will help them take a final decision.

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