Who is Andrei Donică, candidate for the capital’s mayoralty

The article is part of the information campaign launched by IPN, in which it presents biographical data, information regarding the income and possessions, as well as professional background of the contenders for the capital's mayoralty.

Andrei Donică, at the general local elections on October 20, is running for general mayor of Chisinau municipality on the part of the "Speranța-Надежда" Professionals’ Movement. The candidate will be number one on the ballot.

Andrei Donică is 38 years old. In the CV he writes that he graduated from the Academy of Public Administration next to the President of the Republic of Moldova. He is a scientific researcher at the Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technologies, PhD in agricultural sciences, a research associate. In 2008 he was awarded the Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova for youth. He also obtained the diploma of honour of the Ministry of Agriculture. Since 2010, he is vice-chair of Moldova Fruit Producers Association, and since 2011 head of the Association for the Prevention and Combating of Economic Crimes and Corruption. He is married and has two children.

His income statement mentions that, between January 1, 2017- December 31, 2018, he obtained salary income in the amount of almost 270 thousand lei. From the sale of a car he obtained 20 thousand lei, and from the renting out of two others - about 140 thousand lei. The candidate owns shares in two apartments, and another apartment acquired as a result of privatization. Andrei Donică has also stated that he owns six cars and four trailers.

On October 12, 2018, he was sentenced to one year in prison with suspension, after which, on September 30, 2016, near the Government building, he poured a milk bucket on Octavian Armașu, then Minister of Finance.

Andrei Donică was at the top of the list in the national constituency at the parliamentary elections on February 24, on behalf of "Speranța-Надежда" Professionals’ Movement. The party gained 2826 votes or 0.19%.

The campaign for October 20 local elections of "Speranța-Надежда" Professionals Movement team, led by Andrei Donică, was launched in front of Transautogaz, a branch company of Moldovagaz SA, where, according to the members of the Movement, no cash register receipt is issued for sales and double accounting is being carried out. Moldovagaz reports losses over 32,000,000 m3 of methane gas annually, while in fact this amount does not represent losses, but gas theft followed by the sales of methane at gas filling stations. Annually Moldovagaz reports $ 15,000,000 gas losses from the gas pipeline. Ultimately, these losses are included in the final price of gas for consumers, including households, said the candidate.

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