Where damaged or dirty banknotes can be changed

The private individuals and legal entities who have used or damaged banknotes or coins that are authentic and with circulation power can be replaced at the National Bank of Moldova (individuals) or at the licensed banks of the Republic of Moldova, including at their branches (private individuals and legal entities), IPN reports, quoting the central bank.

The bills or coins that are dirty, have words or drawings on them, are perforated or ripped are changed at their full value, as are the banknote that are reconstituted by sticking a part of an authentic bill with adhesive band, Scotch tape or other means on an area larger than 10 mm to 40 mm. The discolored bills, those without corners and the wrinkled banknotes can also be changed. The bills that lack more than 45% of the area or that were intentionally damaged are rejected.

The banknotes or metallic coins brought to banks by private individuals and legal entities that are not recognized as authentic are withdrawn from circulation and are taken to specialized subdivisions of the Ministry of Home Affairs for having their authenticity determined. The banks issue a confirmation document to the owner.

For banknotes in the amount of over 500 lei, the person presents the identity card to the National Bank desk and completes a relevant application.

When the bills that are to be changed exceed 20,000 lei in value, the applicant fills out the client questionnaire in accordance with the regulations on the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorism financing and gives consent to having the personal data provided to the central bank processed.

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