When will MPs do test for COVID-19

Most of the MPs are to have a test for the novel coronavirus next week, at three private labs proposed by the Parliament’s Secretariat. The tests will be paid for by the MPs. A part of the MPs said they could return to Parliament when they have the negative tests for COVID-19. The opposition MPs, even if they comply, criticize the order made by Parliament Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi. Some consider it abusive and late. There is also the opinion that the measure was taken intentionally in order to block the legislature’s work.

Contacted by IPN for a comment, Corneliu Furculiţă, who heads the Socialist parliamentary group, said the order provides that the MPs should self-isolate until they can prove that they tested negative. Depending on the test results, the Socialist MPs will decide the subsequent actions. All the group mates who are now self-isolating will have the test according to an agreed timetable.

ACUM PPPDA group head Alexandru Slusari stated for IPN that the Speaker slightly abused her power when she signed that order. Zinaida Grechanyi didn’t have the right to do this in a uninominal way. However, the PPPDA MPs are responsible and will comply with the decision and will do the test even if they didn’t contact with the infected MP. As Brussels announced that there are two more days left for the state to meet the conditions and benefit from the second tranche of the macro-financial assistance, they insist that the commission for appointments and immunities should come together online on May 24 so as to prepare the report for the final reading of the Law on NGOs. On May 24, the MPs should come together for a sitting and adopt the law in the final reading. This is the only condition that remained for obtaining the tranche of €30 million.

Secretary of the PAS group of the ACUM Bloc Radu Marian stated for IPN that his mates individually scheduled appointments at the clinics recommended by the Parliament’s Secretariat The Speaker’s order does not have legal grounds and is somehow abusive as not the head of an institution, but the institutions responsible for public health take such decisions. The WHO protocols say a person who stayed at a distance of one meter from an infected person in a closed area for over 15 minutes should self-isolate. In the case of his colleagues, the situation was different.

Secretary of the Pro Moldova group Sergiu Sîrbu said that he and his colleagues will have the tests and not because there is a relevant order, but because they are responsible and do not want to endanger the health of those around. The Speaker’s order is late as the announcement about the case of infection of an MP was made on Thursday and Parliament worked for eight hours with the presence of the MPs who contacted directly with the person confirmed with the virus. They possess information that Eugeniu Nikiforchuk wasn’t even tested and the confirmation of the virus is false and the move is aimed at blocking the Parliament’s work in the eventuality of a no-confidence motion. It is grave if it is so.

Igor Vremea, secretary of the Democratic group, said each of the Democratic MPs individually coordinates the appointments for having the test next Monday or Tuesday. They do not want to endanger the health of those around and will do the test at their own din expense. As to Sergiu Sîrbu’s statements, Igor Vremea said these are political in character and he does not believe something like this. If a no-confidence motion was to be submitted, this could have been done on Thursday. Moreover, the self-isolation regime is not endless. When the test results are ready, the MPs could return to work.

The MPs will self-isolate at home as from May 22 on their own responsibility and will present the results of the tests done for COVID-19. Parliament Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi made such an order after Democratic MP Eugeniu Nikiforchuk contracted the virus.

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