Wheat’s purchase price for state reserve settled

The Agency for Material Reserves, Public Acquisitions and Humanitarian Aids will purchase 30-35 thousand tones of alimentary wheat for the state reserve. The grain with 18-20% of gluten will be purchased at the price of MDL 1.60/kg. For a gluten index of 22-25% the acquisition price will constitute MDL 1.90, and over 25% - MDL 2.20. This information was made public by the prime-minister Vasile Tarlev after the recent meeting of the Republican Staff for prompt coordination and settlement of the issues regarding the organization of harvesting of cereal cultures and 1st group vegetables. Each raion will have a certain share for participating at the acquisition auctions, taking into consideration the areas cultivated with wheat and the percentage of wheat. In each raion an auction will be organized and districts which will not purchase the necessary volume of wheat will participate in a supplementary republican auction which will include producers from all the raions of Moldova. Previously, the deputy chairman of the Associations Union of agricultural producers “Uniagroprotect”, Alexandru Slusari declared for Info-Prim Neo that after analyzing the wheat’s price increase tendencies both on regional and world markets, the Association estimated the minimum acquisition price for alimentary wheat destined to the state reserve at MDL 2-2.1. According to the quoted source, in Ukraine, the present price for wheat amounts to USD 125-130 per tone and in Romania the acquisition price is USD 120. Over the past 3-4 years, the public acquisitions in Moldova did not exceed 35 thousand tones, and the global production constitutes 150 thousand (2003) and 1.1 tones (record result of the last year. At present the average price for alimentary wheat is MDL 1.5. On January 1, 2006, the state reserve of alimentary wheat constituted 70 thousand tones.

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