What conditions PL and PCRM can have towards Leanca and future ministers?

The Liberal parliamentary group headed by Mihai Ghimpu can vote for the Cabinet proposed by Iurie Leanca if the persons fielded for the posts of minister are approved of by the Liberals. Political analyst Anatol Taranu considers the Liberals will not accept persons who are against Romanianism and persons involved in acts of corruption. On the other hand, politologist Olga Nicolenco stated for IPN that she does not see why the PL should vote for the government formed by the Liberal-Democrats and the Democrats at a time when the two parties chose to form an alliance with the Communists.

“I don’t think that Mister Ghimpu could put forward many conditions in this respect. I think he could impose two conditions – the ministers should not have Romania-phobia and should not be involved in corruption-related scandals. As to the rest, I cannot anticipate,” said Anatol Taranu.

As to the Communists’ condition that they will vote for the Government if it is headed by an apolitical person, Anatol Taranu said that if Leanca is not elected Premier, the only solution is for the Lib-Dems to identify another candidate.

Olga Nicolenco noted that she sees no reasons why the Liberals should vote for the future Government. “These people chose their coalition partners. Why should Ghimpu vote together with them at a time when his conditions weren’t accepted? I consider he should assume no responsibility. If he decides yet to vote for Leanca, he should put forward a number of conditions as regards the candidates for the posts of minister. I regret that civil society, the ordinary people weren’t informed who will form part of the future Cabinet. I understand why Ghimpu is dissatisfied and I think that he has the right to know who will be in the Cabinet,” she stated.

As to the PCRM’s condition, Olga Nicolenco said that an apolitical person cannot be named to the post of Premier. “The situation will only worsen if they demand an apolitical person. The negotiations will be extended and they can ultimately lead to early elections,” she stated.

Iurie Leanca was designated candidate for premiership by a presidential decree on January 28. Until February 11, he must obtain the Parliament’s vote of confidence and thus needs to secure the support of at least 51 MPs.

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