We will reach period when people will start to do justice themselves, lawyer

“I think we will soon reach a period when the people will start to do justice themselves if the law enforcement agencies do not take under control what they have to do and will not conduct correct, effective and efficient investigations,” lawyer Victor Panţâru stated in a news conference at IPN, where he presented the case of a mother who accuses the law enforcement bodies in Edineţ district of investigating with violations the circumstances in which her 25-year-old son was murdered at the start of last August.

The lawyer said that the young man died in the hospital on the night of August 8, 2019, after he was stabbed by another young man for over ten times. The ambulance doctors waited for 40 minutes for the police to arrive and take pictures of the scene. They didn’t intervene until then even if the victim had open wounds and was bleeding. The actions that followed describe the behavior of the police and ambulance doctors towards a body, not towards a person who was still alive.

According to Victor Panţâru, the prosecutors said the inaction of doctors was something normal and didn’t conduct a probe. The medical examiners didn’t take pictures of each wound and didn’t describe the wounds when compiling a medical-legal examination report. But this is crucial information in an investigation for the simple reason that this can prove the guilt or innocence of the accused. “This case clearly shows what is going on in the law enforcement bodies in our country and how they consider they should work for the benefit of the people,” stated the lawyer.

The lawyer said the law enforcement agencies of Moldova should carry out an audit at the law enforcement bodies in Edineţ district. The incompetence of the law enforcement bodies in Edineţ is also proven by the fact that the case was sent to court as a case of ordinary murder, not of murder committed with special cruelty given that the victim was stabbed for over ten times.

The victim’s mother Angela Paleva said that a number of proofs are absent from the case, including video recordings that can shed light in this case. After analyzing the documents attached to the file and the information she learned post-factum about the evening of the tragedy, she determined that many things were omitted or were hidden intentionally. As a result, the case was classed as ordinary murder.

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