We are a country that rather exported people, opinions

The Republic of Moldova during 25 years lost 1 million citizens. When the migration wave started, this involved people with a precarious financial situation, but now those who leave the Republic of Moldova are mostly well-off people, said economic expert Veaceslav Ioniță, according to whom the problem of migration is one of the most pressing ones. For their part, representatives of the Party of Action and Solidarity said that to make the citizens who left the country return or to keep those who remained at home, considerable funds from the foreign partners are needed, IPN reports.

According to demographer Valeriu Sainsus, the Republic of Moldova lost one quarter of the population and the upward trend continues. Currently, those who want to leave Moldova are primarily young people who do not see their future in Moldova.

“The people do not leave from good to bad, but vice versa. Migration is not a new phenomenon. We lost two generations by migration – the generation of parents and that of children. The most recent study confirms that another 15% of the population is expected to leave. Migration is the priority of the young people, not of older groups. 2/3 of those who emigrate are younger than 30. During three decades, we have been a country that rather exported people. In the short term, we stood to gain as we had remittances, but studies confirm that in 5-7 years, those who migrated do not return home. Only one in ten people returns and these are persons who could not integrate,” Valeriu Sainsus stated in the program “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

According to the expert of the Institute for Developments and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” Veaceslav Ioniță, 25 years ago Moldova’s population was estimated at 3.6 million. Currently, the population is by about 1 million lower. There are approximately 900,000 Moldovans outside the country.

“In the case of migration, it would be easy to say that if the people have high salaries, they will stay at home. We are now witnessing the second wave of migration that has a different motive. Absolute poverty was the reason of the first wave as the people wanted to survive. Now it goes to the quality of life. The people aged between 35 and 40 who are formed people intend to migrate. The problem is the persons want a higher quality of life as they do not have roads, kindergartens here. The motivation is now different. The people who leave are wealthy ones,” stated Veaceslav Ioniță.

The representatives of the government said the Moldovan authorities will not manage to solve the problem of migration without the EU’s massive support.

“It has been a trend the past 20-25 years. It is now harder to solve this problem as we didn’t have governments that would deal with the justice sector reform, with invest in the economy, in development. The higher is the number of people we lose, the harder is it to have sufficient functionaries. The number of vacancies in the public sector is higher. We have a shortage of staff in the health, educational sectors. We need the massive support of the foreign partners here as it will be very hard to solve the issue with the own forces. Without a clear European perspective, with massive financing from the EU, this country does not have chances to survive,” stated PAS MP Dan Perciun.

According to a study conducted by UNFPA Moldova, the population of the Republic of Moldova is of 2.6 million.

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