Water supply and sewerage are main necessities within “European Village” program

As many as 492 projects will be financed from the National Fund for Regional and Local Development in 2022-2023. Representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development said the number of submitted projects is higher than the central authorities expected. Therefore, there was chosen by a project for each locality. The works in the case of most of the projects start in September, IPN reports.

A number of 728 projects took part in the contest to finance community development projects within the “European Village” program, but only 492 projects will benefit from financing. Representatives of the Government said that by one project in each locality was selected as the state does not have sufficient funds to finance all the needs of the local public authorities.

“Among the total financed projects are projects to supply drinking water and strategic development projects, such as energy efficiency ones. We tried to maintain a balance between the pressing needs of localities. We were surprised by the large number of projects we received, but this motivates us to look for financial resources to supplement this fund. We selected one project per locality so that a larger number of communities receive funds and so as to develop the institutional capacities of mayor’s offices. The particularity of this program is that the mayor’s offices will implement the projects directly. In September, we should start tender contests. The works within some of the projects will begin also next month,” secretary of state at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development Ana Mardare stated in the program “Common Objective” on TVR Moldova channel.

Of the total number of projects, 152 are projects to build, extend, rehabilitate or modernize water supply, water treatment and sewerage systems, while 120 are projects to build or renovate public buildings, including by increasing energy efficiency.

“Drinking water is a priority for our people from villages. The villages should have sewerage systems and, surely, everyone wants to travel on better roads. Also, the school and preschool institutions need support from the state for creating normal education conditions. The Dănceni mayor’s office submitted two projects within the “European Village” program. There was chosen only the project to develop the sewerage system and the wastewater treatment station. Our sewerage network satisfies 60% of the needs and we need more financial support for creating conditions for all the citizens. As part of the program, we received 10 million lei and the works to build 5.4 km of network are to begin,” said the mayor of Dănceni Victoria Guranda.

A sum of 2 billion lei was allocated for financing regional development projects within the “European Village” program this year. The sum is four times higher than the investments made in local development last year.

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