Water in lake of Chisinau Park “Valea Morilor” is polluted

The water in the lake of the Chisinau Park “Valea Morilor” is polluted and a lot of fish dies there. It happens because of the alga that produce oxygen in the process of photosynthesis during the day and consume it at night, causing the death of fish, the Environment Agency established after taking samples of water from the lake to determine the quality of surface water at the request of the Inspection for Environmental Protection of Chisinau, IPN reports.

The Environment Agency said the excessive presence of alga makes the water green and causes an unwanted imbalance for the organisms living in the water, influencing the quality of this.

Contacted by IPN for a comment, the head of the Chisinau Local Organization of the Ecologist Movement of Moldova Vladimir Garaba said the alga develop when they have food. In the case of the lake of the Park “Valea Morilor”, the residual water discharged into the lake enables the alga to develop. When the residual water reaches the lake, it forms a layer of mud at the bottom and allows the alga to develop and these consume too much oxygen.

The ecologist said that after being cleaned, the lake had been in a good state for three-four years, as it happened after the cleanup of 2007. But the alga that developed in excess meanwhile generated the current situation. The solution is to clean again the lake or to stop the development of alga by decomposing the organic material, or by installing aerators.

Earlier, acting mayor general of Chisinau Ruslan Codreanu on a social networking site wrote that 16 aerators will be installed in this lake by the end of summer so as to prevent the death of fish and to eliminate the unpleasant smell there.

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