Warning: Census takers do not ask for bank card details

Census data is collected on a tablet PC and only through face-to-face interviews, and there are no questions about bank data in the census questionnaire. The clarification comes after people reported that they were contacted by phone and were asked for their bank details under the pretext of collecting data for the census, IPN reports with reference to the First Source, a channel for verifying government information.

During the census, the census enumerator comes home and is required to present the ID card and wear clothing with the census logo. The census taker’s identity can be checked on the Green Line (toll-free) 0800 800 24.

The population and housing census started on April 8 and will run for three months. By July 7, around 4,000 enumerators are to go from house to house to collect data on the population: age, gender, level of education, etc., as well as data on living conditions. In the first four days since the launch of the census, about 65,000 dwellings were visited and census questionnaires were completed for 127,000 people.

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