Voters in Moldova are formed by Russian TV channels, opinion

The member of Moldova’s first Parliament Alecu Reniță, who is a signatory of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova, said the voters in the Republic of Moldova are formed by Russian TV channels. The Russian propaganda delivers key messages that penetrate deeply the conscience of people without discernment and these go to the polls and vote as they are influenced through the agency of particular centers, IPN reports.

“We do not have real possibilities at the moment and this is not a kind of capitulation. But we do not have suitable instruments to oppose this informational offensive that conquers TV viewers,” Alecu Reniță stated in the program “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Writer and TVR producer Marian Voicu said there are studies showing that the channels that are broadcast and rebroadcast from Russia represent 30% of the TV and radio stations in Moldova, but in fact 80% of the programs come from Russia as there are other channels that mingle national programs with imported ones and this is a source of cognitive dissonance. “The viewers here no longer know what channels they watch. The fact that in a state like the Republic of Moldova, 80% of the media content comes from the Russian Federation is a big problem,” stated Marian Voicu.

Historian Anatol Petrenco said Russia applies several propagandistic methods in Moldova. First of all, there is the idea that is called “Russian world” by the Russians and this means that all the Russian language speakers, even if they are Gagauz or Ukrainians in origin, form part of this idea. These people become a foreign policy object for the Russian Federation and are protected by it. “The Russian language was and continues to be used as an instrument for promoting the foreign policy of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin gave very clear signals and there is a committee for the promotion of the Russian language though which this language is promoted. They consider the undermining of the Russian language is an attack on the state security of the Russian Federation,” explained the historian.

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