Voronin to diaspora: We are waiting for you at home, in a republic that returns to normality

In a message addressed to the Moldovans who earn their living abroad, the leader of the Party of Communists Vladimir Voronin says that he is waiting for them at home, in a republic that returns to normality. “We are able to reestablish order, law and justice. We know what we should do and how we should do not from newspapers or books about someone else and something else. We already proved that we can do good things too,” stated the ex-President, who runs for MP on a common list with the Party of Socialists, IPN reports.

“We know well when and why the Moldovans started to leave homes and go away. Those who were in power then continue to rule now. During the years we, the Communists, ruled, the process was slow to a particular extent. But it wasn’t possible to stop them as the inheritance was too serious and degraded and we were removed from power by the state coup of April 2009. During the 12 years that followed, the situation worsened and only a blind persons or an ill-intentioned person can refuse to admit this – a state of things that represented nothing else but driving away of the people from the country and paving of the way for the coming of foreigners,” said Vladimir Voronin, who heads the list of candidates of the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists.

The former President noted he did what he could. In the autumn of 2009, he withdrew out of his own free will, allowing others to do more and better. But he was naïve to believe this. “How easily those Ghimpu, Lupu and Filat cheated us, being guided from abroad, where you work now not as engineers, technologists or teachers, as at home, but rather as servants,” said the Communist leader, noting no one after 2009 did something good for the country and its people.

“Only after self-cleaning, we will realize better what we need to do together – for the common good”.

The politician called on the citizens to vote for who they consider suitable, but to think well about what he said before doing this.

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