Voronin about Mariana Durleșteanu: She realized this Mob wasn’t her place

Moldova’s ex-President praises Mariana Durleșteanu, the candidate for Prime Minister proposed by the PSRM, and criticizes President Maia Sandu. According to him, Durleșteanu is a professional in economy and finance and would be a very good Premier for the Republic of Moldova, but snap parliamentary elections are yet needed so as to clean the political class, IPN reports.

Former President Vladimir Voronin said the current legislature fully discredited itself and the snap parliamentary elections can bring new faces into politics.

“This Parliament long ago stopped representing the interests of the voters and of those who brought them to power. They switched parties, do not work for months, do not adopt laws. There is only corruption, mafia, interests between them. Is this the Parliament that represents the interests of society? There are all the objective reasons for dissolving Parliament,” Vladimir Voronin stated in the program “Fourth Power” on N4 TV channel.

The politician also said that the PSRM’s candidate for Prime Minister Mariana Durleșteanu is a professional and if she had been voted in, she would have been able to handle the pandemic and economic crisis.

“She has high a high level of competency in the economic and financial sectors and principles. She is appreciated in different institutions. She can be one of the best candidates in a Government formed in normal conditions. We discussed over the phone and I saw she realized that this Mob wasn’t her destiny. If there are held snap elections and a normal Parliament is elected and Durleșteanu is nominated as Prime Minister, she will be a good Premier,” stated Vladimir Voronin.

He avoided pronouncing on the work done by President Maia Sandu during the first 100 days in office, saying Sandu will soon disappoint the people.

“Sometime, I feel pity when I look at Sandu and do not want to criticize her. You overpraise her. It is now important to see what we will do at snap elections. In a country, it is important that all the institutions go in the same direction for achieving results,” said Vladimir Voronin.

On April 15, the Constitutional Court will examine the President’s request to ascertain the circumstances for dissolving Parliament. Even if the Court’s judges decide that there are reasons for dissolution, the legislature will remain functional during the state of emergency instituted until May 30.

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