Voice of children in Parliament and “union” with Russia. Promises of candidates in sixth electoral debate of IPN

The candidates of the People Power Party and the Patriots of Moldova Party come with different goals in the election campaign prior to the snap parliamentary elections of July 11. The first party aims to solve the existing problems from inside, with the own forces, and to represent the interests of children in Parliament. The second party is for Moldova joining the Russian Federation as a solution to most of citizens’ problems. The views and plans of the two parties were presented by their representatives in IPN’s sixth electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021”.

Vice president of the People Power Party Mihai Stratulat, a pediatrician and neonatologist by profession, said the party he represents is young and consists of a community of young people, specialists in their areas of activity. These are persons who chose to stay in Moldova, to work at home and build a career, to raise children here. Year by year, it is yet harder to do this. “Many of us through about leaving the country, but we decided to create this community, to meet, discuss and look for solutions to existing problems,” he stated, noting that the party’s members each day meet with tens of citizens and know the problems these face not from conversations held in the halls of the Government or Parliament, but from discussions held daily with them. The party’s slogan is “People for people”, which means the party’s members come to Parliament to help the people.

The candidate noted most of the party’s members haven’t been involved in politics and haven’t been in power. About 80% of them are apolitical. The team consists of specialists working in different areas, including psychologists, doctors and entrepreneurs - people who work daily with people, know the problems these face and want to solve them. His personal slogan is: “I want to be the children’s voice in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova”. This wish appeared during the pandemic, when he saw the authorities’ attitude to children, when kindergartens and schools were closed, but markets remained open and public transport wasn’t made safe. During the pandemic, the children with a positive test result for COVID-19 were hospitalized even if international studies show the children suffer from minor forms of COVID-19. He thus set the goal of becoming the children’s advocate in Parliament.

The People Power Party considers Moldova has the financial capacity to solve most of the existing problems and for the purpose needs political will and upright people in Parliament.

The candidate of the Patriots of Moldova Party Alexandr Popa said he is a businessman who was far from politics. Analyzing the situation in the country, the Patriots of Moldova Party decided to run in elections under the slogan “Holding a referendum” on joining the Russian Federation as a republic, with its own Parliament and other bodies. “The party is for union with Russia as the country in the recent period has been destroyed from inside and outside. From inside, it is destroyed by the exodus of the best specialists, while from outside by the safeguarding of foreign interests. The party’s call to join the Russian Federation is a response to those who propose the union with Romania. That’s why the party’s members want to enter Parliament where to promote the idea of joining the Russian Federation,” he stated.

Alexandr Popa noted that the party pleads for union with Russia because the Moldovan people are very pragmatic and do what’s advantageous to them. “The people go to work where it is better for them. The party’s members analyzed the possibility of a union with Romania and reached the conclusion that this is not advantageous as the Transnistrian region will be lost this way and Gagauzia will also be lost as the Gagauz people held a referendum where they said that in case of a union with Romania, they will not go to Romania. I think in northern Moldova, we will also face problems related to this idea. If the Moldovans join the Russian Federation, they will enjoy many advantages, such as the settlement of the territorial conflict, the Transnistrian dispute will disappear and there won’t be problems with Gagauzia. The problem of the spoken language will also be solved as there will be two official languages. What’s more important, there will be solved the economic problems. The Moldovans will be able to sell on the Russian market and the economy will grow this way,” stated the candidate.

Answering the questions of his opponent, Alexandr Popa said he actually wants the citizens to work in the country and not to depend on anyone as problems are experienced in Europe and in Russia too. The Patriots of Moldova Party suggests a shield against the pressure that is now exerted by the EU and the U.S.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, the People Power Party will be under No. 17 on the ballot, while the Patriots of Moldova Party under No. 19

IPN’s seventh electoral debate set for July 7, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders:  Working People’s People, the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” and the Party of Development and Unity of Moldova.

IPN Agency stages the electoral debates as part of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”, with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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