Vladislav Kulminski: Igor Dodon should not resort to political PR in case of kidnapping of citizens

Igor Dodon’s intervention in the case of kidnapping of the four persons by employees of the Transnistrian security ministry is conjunctural in the context of the presidential elections and the electoral campaign. Moreover, the President never intervened to solve the problem of Romanian-language schools in the Transnistrian region even if he received many requests of the kind from NGOs, said participants in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” produced by Jurnal TV channel.

“Igor Dodon should not resort to political PR in this case. All the state institutions should examine the situation and do their job. He made a field trip that day, but said nothing. He made some resounding statements – that he solved a case – only today. If he hadn’t solved this case, would have we heard about his involvement?” wondered Vladislav Kulminski, who is the executive director of the Institute for Strategic Policies and Initiatives.

Expert in political sciences Pavel Midrigan said the same happened before the parliamentary elections of 2019, when the Moldovan pilots who were held hostage in Afghanistan, were released. Many tried to gain political advantages based on that case.

Asked if this could be a well-planned scenario before the elections, Vladislav Kulminski said this will become evident in the near future. “I’m not sure this was a scenario. I think in several weeks we will find out details, but now it’s hard to say for sure,” he stated.

In a posting on his Facebook page, Igor Dodon said he asked that the Moldovan citizens should be set free right away and the made approaches produced the expected results.

A police officer of the Florești Police Inspectorate was kidnapped while in the yard of his house in Camenca town by employees of the Transnistrian security forces on October 7. The Prosecutor General’s Office started a criminal case started over kidnapping of a person and usurpation of the official position by employees of the security forces of the self-proclaimed Transnistrian republic. Earlier today, Alexandru Jizdan, the head of the Parliament’s national security, defense and public order commission, said that four persons were kidnapped by employees of the security ministry of the Transnistrian region in total and two of them are from Camenca. These include a police officer, an employee of the Public Services Agency and two persons about whom almost nothing is known.

Tiraspol announced that two of the four persons arrested on October 7 “for the commission of a series of offences” on the Transnistrian territory were set free.

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