Vladimir Voronin: Vlad Filat was one of the organizers of the April 7, 2009 event

One of the organizers of the events of April 7, 2009 was former prime minister Vlad Filat. The former prime minister allegedly organized the events of that day. The statement belongs to the Communist Party leader, Vladimir Voronin, who at that time held the position of president of the state.

"He organized events on that day, but he did not know how these events would carry out and what tragedy and sacrifices they could entail. Because of our resistance, because we did not use weapons, we did not use anything against the citizens, bloodshed and human sacrifice was avoided that day", said Vladimir Voronin during the Jurnal TV program "Secretele puterii".

Moreover, the PCRM president said that Valeriu Boboc, the young man who died during the events of April 7, was tossed from the fourth floor of the Parliament building. "They got drunk up there and they could not divide the spoils from the Parliament building, so they tossed him over the window and he fell on the kerb". Voronin said.

The former president said that he knew what was being planned for April 7, 2009 and ordered the police to disarm, which is against the law. "I went against the law, meaning that I have no right to disarm the police, regardless of my position. I have no right to take away the weapon from the policeperson, because the weapon does not serve to shoot at people, but to defend the policeperson’s life. However, I took this decision because I foresaw where all this can lead", said the politician.

Additionally, the former president dismissed the claims that young people who were detained on the night of April 7, 2009, were beaten in police stations.

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