Vladimir Țurcan and Domnica Manole appointed to Constitutional Court by Parliament

The Socialist Party MP Vladimir Țurcan and the former judge Domnica Manole are appointed as judges to the Constitutional Court by Parliament. Today they took their oaths of office in Parliament with President Igor Dodon attending.

Vladimir Bolea, member of the Legal Committee, said that Dumitru Pulbere's candidacy was initially proposed and then withdrawn, due to legal provisions that prohibit holding the Constitutional Court judge position for more than 2 terms. As for Domnica Manole, according to the Committee, she meets all the legal requirements provided by the Constitution and by the Law on the Constitutional Court.

Responding to Democrat MP Andrian Candu on the question of the selection of candidates and verification of political affiliation, Vlad Batrîncea, one of the law's authors, stated that the law does not foresee such procedures for Parliament to follow. The MP believes that the two candidates are professionals and will be independent in passing their rulings.

Andrian Candu claimed that Domnica Manole is appointed to the  Constitutional Court due to her affiliation with the DA party. Domnica Manole replied that "her only affiliation is the law", stating that only the law will guide her in performing her duties. At the same meeting, the oath of office of the Constitutional Court was also taken by the Government’s appointees Liuba Șova and Nicolae Roșca, and the High Council of the Judiciary’s appointees Sergei Turcan and Eduard Ababei.

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